Orange Running Shoe Guide

Orange Running Shoe Guide
With dozens of brands and a wide range of prices out there, it’s hard to know which running shoes are right for you. Plus, every runner is different. Some may toe strike, while others heel strike; some run on treadmills while others take trails. 
In this running shoe guide, we’ll break down our top shoes depending on your unique needs and activities. As always, it is best to consult with a doctor or “shoe specialist” at your local Running Specialty store. Every runner has unique needs and challenges to work with.  Hopefully these recommendations can help get you pointed in the right direction!

Best running shoes for heel strikers

If you’re a heel striker, you hit the ground with your heel before the rest of your foot. While heel striking is common, you could end up with a variety of nagging injuries, like knee pain, due to the added impact on your lower extremities. If you don’t, don’t worry. If you do, check out these shoes.
Focus shoe: Men’s Brooks Ghost14 
Focus shoe: Women’s Brooks Ghost 14
The rigid support at the heel is way more supportive than the foamy, cushion on many other running shoes. It’s definitely one of the best running shoes for heel strikers, who make up 90-95% of all runners! The rubber outsole makes it ideal for outdoor running. Many say that this shoe is the perfect blend of comfort and support without being too heavy. 

Best running shoes for forefoot strikers

Forefront strikers hit the ground first with their, you guessed it, forefront of the foot (more specifically, the ball). This causes the body to learn forward and may put additional strain on your toes and calf muscles. 
Focus shoe: Women’s Hoka Bondi 7
Focus shoe: Men’s Hoka Bondi 7
For runners who have a forefoot strike, it’s important to try to land on the ball of your foot rather than your toes. Some people naturally have this stride, so it’s a good idea to help prevent injuries with the best shoes possible. We’ve chosen Hoka’s Bondi 7 as the best running shoes for forefoot strikers due to its overall comfort, use of lightweight EVA foam, its breathability, and its high abrasion rubber that provides some much-needed traction. 

Best indoor running shoes 

If you prefer the treadmill or the track at the gym over the sidewalk, these shoes are for you.
Focus shoe: Men’s Asics Gel-Kayano 27 
Focus shoe: Women’s Asics Gel-Kayano 27
The Gel-Kayano 27 makes the cut as the best indoor running shoes due to their plushy feel. It uses gel cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot areas and Dynamic Duomax technology which keeps the platform lightweight and durable. These can be used for marathons, so they’ll definitely last you a long time in the gym. 

Best speed training shoes

Life is a marathon, but if sprinting is your sport, try these shoes. 
Focus shoe: Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 38 
Focus shoe: Men’s Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 
This shoe provides a bit more room in the toe box than the Pegasus 37. These are also great for sprinters since it features soft and bouncy Nike React foam. It is exceptionally lightweight, so you can sprint your heart out, without compromising on traction. 

Best long-distance running shoes

If marathons are your game, you’ll need a shoe that is durable and realiable.
Focus shoe: Men’s Saucony Endorphin Pro 2
Focus shoe: Women’s Saucony Endorphin Pro 2
Despite its retro look, there is nothing old fashioned about these high-tech, long-distance shoes. These shoes are extremely responsive and will help prevent fatigue for longer periods of time. It has a thin mesh upper material to help keep your feet cool and unconstricted. It also has a snug collar to secure your ankle in a supported position. The lacing has elastic bands to prevent the tongue from sinking in or bunching up during long runs. 

Best running shoes for wide feet

Some people just have wider feet. Check out these shoes to get enough (but not too much!) wiggle room in your shoe. 
Focus shoe: Women’s Topo Phantom 2
Focus shoe: Men’s Topo Phantom 2
Whether you have bunions or just naturally wide feet, having enough room in the toe box is essential to preventing blisters and soreness. These are awesome long-distance running thanks to two layers of midsole and exceptional cushioning from front to back. 
No matter what brand or type of shoe you have, Orange Full insoles add extra support and are compatible with all running shoes.  Our insoles are designed to prevent overpronation associated with flat feet, support high arches, and properly support your heels and metatarsals - All are important for runners! 
Are you competing and worried about the support slowing you down? Try an Orange Light! These are worn by athletes of all skill levels and have been used to break records.
So pick your pace, your shoe, your insole, lace them up and…on your mark, get set…go!
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