Insoles & Circulation

Insoles & Circulation

Do you always have cold feet? Do you shock your partner out of a deep sleep if you accidentally touch them with your bare feet at night? Are your feet constantly cramping or swelling? If you have any of these symptoms or discoloration in your feet, it could be a sign of poor circulation to your feet. 

Our feet are designed to do a lot; absorb impact, stretch and contract as we walk and help the rest of our body balance. Because our feet do so much, we want to protect them. But, our cushy shoes and socks might not be doing us any favors, especially if you think you have poor circulation in your feet. While we need shoes to protect our feet, shoes that provide too much cushion don’t allow the muscles to work the way they should, leading to atrophy and reduced blood flow. 

So, what can you do? While poor circulation is often a side effect of a larger issue like diabetes, let’s take a look at one quick and simple way you can improve the circulation and blood flow in your feet–insoles! 

Do Insoles Help Blood Flow In Your Feet?

While insoles do not directly improve blood flow in your feet, they can help improve your circulation from the ground up by contributing to better foot care and alignment in the body. 

There are 3 main ways an insole, like Orange Insoles, can help improve blood flow by supporting your feet.  

  1. Improved Alignment & Blood Flow: Orange Insoles are designed to provide arch support and promote proper alignment in your feet, and from there, the rest of your body. When your body is aligned, there is less strain on your muscles and ligaments and blood can flow more easily through the body. 

Picture two roads and a car racing down each road. One road is straight and smooth. One road has sharp twists and turns and dips. Which car is going to be able to travel faster? If your body provides a clear path for blood to flow, circulation will be improved (and your cold hands and feet will feel warmer!). 

  1. Shock Absorption & Blood Flow: Our feet are meant to absorb the shock of walking and running and distribute that shock evenly across the foot. If we’re out of alignment, or we walk with our weight pressed into one part of our foot, that section is going to absorb all the weight.  

Unfortunately,  many shoes and insoles overcompensate when it comes to shock absorption and the cushy surfaces don’t allow the foot to naturally absorb shock waves. Orange Insoles are made of EVA foam which is soft but not too cushy. Our deep heel cup is great for stability and shock absorption while supporting your foot’s natural shape instead of changing it. While a plastic base may sound uncomfortable, it contributes to lift and alignment in the foot, not only absorbing shock but aligning your body at the same time. 

  1. Easing Pressure Points: Insoles distribute weight and pressure more evenly across your feet while you walk or stand. Aggravated pressure points can impede circulation and when there is prolonged pressure on one area of the foot, blood vessels can get compressed. This limits the flow of blood to that area. By using insoles or footwear that distribute pressure more evenly across your feet, you reduce the risk of blood vessels becoming compressed, allowing blood to flow freely.

By reducing the pressure on specific areas, insoles can enhance overall circulation throughout the whole body.

Please keep in mind that poor circulation can be a sign of a larger problem and insoles are not the only solution for improving blood flow. Remember to get plenty of exercise, stay hydrated and see your doctor if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort that won’t go away.

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