The following are questions that you may have about Orange Insoles.  If you do not see an answer to your question, please email [email protected].

How do they work?

The Orange 3/4 and Light are simply placed into the footbed of your shoe with the heel of the insert against the back of the shoe. 

Our signature Full length insole replaces a removable liner.  The following video under “Product Specs” provides instruction on how to insert your Orange Insoles: https://www.orangeinsoles.com/products/orange-full.

How do i know which one is for me?

The best way to determine the right insole for you is based on the shoes you are wearing.  Under the Shoe Type tab above, select your shoe type and a suggestion will be generated accordingly.

Should I wear both insoles?

Orange Insoles come in a pair. The goal of Orange insoles is to make sure your body is in alignment.  Unless directed otherwise by a medical professional,  we recommend wearing both insoles.    

Do I need to trim them?

No, there are a variety of sizes for each type of Orange Insole. (women’s 5.5-men’s 15+) Pick your size and feel better right away. 

How do I pick a size?

Sizes are based on shoe size.  Sizing charts can be found on each product page. For the best results, pick the size of the shoes you plan on wearing the insoles in.

How do I clean them?

Orange Insoles should be cleaned with a mild soap (dish soap) and a light brush.  After scrubbing, allow the insoles to air dry.  

Are Orange Insoles good for flat feet?

Flat feet can cause body misalignment.  Orange Insoles can be beneficial as they aim to correct the body misalignment that can occur with flat feet.

Why do I feel a slight bump behind the ball of my foot?

Orange Insoles feature a metatarsal pad that sits behind the ball of your foot.  The metatarsal pad is designed to support the metatarsals and evenly distribute forefoot pressure.  

Do the insoles help with heel pain or plantar fasciitis? 

Yes.  Heel pain and plantar fasciitis can be attributed to misalignment.  Orange Insoles aim to correct alignment and thus the pain.  Here is an article that provides further description and treatment for heel pain or plantar fasciitis. https://www.orangeinsoles.com/products/heel-pain

How often should I replace my insoles?

It is recommended to replace your Orange Insoles every 1-2 shoe lives.  You can also check your Orange Insoles to see if there is still rigidity in the medial (inside) arch.  

What is your return policy?     

We are confident that you will feel better and do more with Orange Insoles. We proudly offer a 60 day guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, please return the insoles to your vendor with your sales receipt.  If purchased online, please email [email protected]