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Hard Plastic Arch Supports: Why They Really Work

We get a lot of praise for our insoles and the comfort of their compressed foam, but many don’t realize that both the Orange ¾ and the Orange Full are actually made with four layers for optimum durability and sturdiness. ...

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Healthy Holiday Dinner Swaps

More often than not, Season’s Greetings can turn into Season’s Eatings….am I right?  If you’ve been working on healthier diet and lifestyle all year long, nothing can undo all that progress faster than the delicious foods that come out during...

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Hip Pain and Poor Alignment: It's All Connected

If you’re suffering from hip pain, you’re not alone. And it doesn’t mean you're old or past your prime. Hip pain is a pretty common issue for people of all ages and activity levels. But while the pain is common, the...

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