Dancing the Night Away: Best Shoes for The Holiday Party

Dancing the Night Away: Best Shoes for The Holiday Party

Trends come and go and some are better for our bodies than others. Remember when everyone smoked cigarettes? That’s a trend we’re glad to see go. Remember when everyone thought they had to wear tiny, high heel shoes in order to look fun and fancy around the holidays? Luckily that’s a trend that’s not as popular as it once was. 

While rocking a power heel hasn't completely gone the way of platform disco shoes, this style is being momentarily put on the back burner while we all enjoy the comfort and style of a casual tennis shoe. Whether it’s a cute ON with a touch of color, a New Balance casual shoe (it’s your time, Dads), or just a simple white leather Reebok, white sneakers are a timeless classic AND they’re on trend right now…even when we’re dressing up to hit those holiday parties.

Don’t believe us? Pair some white sneakers with some black slacks, black leather pants or a skirt and see how you look. See? 

Why is this trend good for your body, posture, and alignment? Let’s find out. 

Improved Alignment & Posture

High heels force the feet into an elevated and unnatural position, which can lead to discomfort and misalignment. 

High heels:

  • Tilt the pelvis forward
  • Force the spine to arch
  • Create a curve in the lower back 
  • Put extra stress on the lumbar spine 
  • Contribute to chronic issues with spinal alignment

This misalignment can lead to changes in our posture, shifting the body’s center of gravity forward and causing the wearer to lean forward and hyperextend their lower back to compensate. 

Sneaker and tennis shoes typically provide a more natural shape for the feet. They usually have a flat or low heel, allowing the foot to rest in a position closer to its natural state. 

Less Strain on the Joints

High heels can increase the stress on the joints, particularly the knees and hips. The elevated heel alters the body's alignment, leading to increased pressure on these joints. The knees are forced into a more extended position, which can contribute to joint strain and an increased risk of conditions such as osteoarthritis in the long term.

Casual shoes with a flatter sole distribute the body weight more evenly, reducing strain on the joints and lowering the risk of joint-related problems. These shoes also provide better shock absorption as we’re walking or dancing. High heels, with their rigid and elevated design, reduce the shoe's ability to absorb shocks. This lack of shock absorption can transmit more impact force through the joints, potentially contributing to joint pain and discomfort. Bonus, you won’t have to kick them off halfway through the party! 

Increased Comfort

Casual and tennis shoes are designed with comfort and support in mind. They typically feature more cushioning and breathable materials that contribute to a more comfortable experience for the wearer. They keep you and your feet safer as you frolic from party to party or rock around the Christmas tree all night. 

Shoes with a broader base and lower heel height offer a more solid foundation for the feet, reducing the likelihood of ankle sprains or falls associated with the instability introduced by high heels.

With this said, not all casual and tennis shoes have the arch support you need to avoid aches and pains. That’s where we come in. Orange Insoles’ deep heel cup and medial arch support help keep your body in alignment.  

Not sure which insoles would fit best in your shoes? Try our insole finder!

Tip: If you still want to wear those cute heels to the party or night out, you can. Just add an insole. The Orange Light is our slimmest, lightest design. It fits into certain high heels and provides essential support for both your metatarsal and medial arch. 

There’s no need to limp your way through your holiday celebrations. Just add an insole to your high heels or grab those white sneaks. You’ll have the support you need…AND you’ll look trendy wearing them! 

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