Gift of Comfort: Why Insoles Make a Perfect Christmas Present

Gift of Comfort: Why Insoles Make a Perfect Christmas Present

During the holiday season everyone sees red and green…but why not set your sights on orange when it comes to gift giving this year? Orange Insoles that is! 

An insole is a great gift for anyone in your life and an Orange Insole means they’re supported not only by our unique insole technology but by our 60-day guarantee. Still not sure? Read on to find out why you should see orange this holiday season, instead of just red and green. 

Insoles Are Perfect For All Ages 

You might think the gift of an insole would only benefit the seniors in your life and while that is true (insoles certainly can benefit seniors with foot ailments and aches and pains), Orange Insoles can benefit any body at any age, making them the perfect gift for for anyone in your life! 

Insoles can help support:

  • Active adolescents in sports 
  • Young adults who stand all day at work 
  • Busy adults who move from work to working out to family time 
  • Active seniors who walk or hike 
  • Adults or seniors with issues like plantar fasciitis or overpronation 

Insoles Are Perfect For Every Activity 

By slipping insoles to stockings, you’re benefiting everyone on their list, no matter what they do for fun. Insoles can absorb impact, keep reduce shock, and improve alignment during a wide-range of activities that include but are not limited to;

  • Hiking 
  • Pickleball 
  • Basketball
  • Running 
  • Walking 
  • Skiing 
  • Working out
  • Tennis 

Whether your favorite activity is high impact or low, the deep heel cup of an Orange Insole will lock in your body’s alignment, keeping you safe as you move. 

Insoles Are Perfect for Every Lifestyle

Have an aunt who is on their feet all day at a hospital? Is your best friend a teacher? Do your kids spend their time adventuring in the great outdoors? Does your neighbor spend all day running from one kid activity to the next and then get in another run after dinner? They can all benefit from an Orange Insole. 

From the construction worker to the retail worker, there is an insole that will fit not only their lifestyle, but their favorite shoe. 

The Orange Full:

Best for athletic, running, and walking shoes, hiking & industrial footwear, and anything with a removable liner. This insole provides a unique combination of support and cushioning.  The full shoe inserts are built with a deep heel cup, metatarsal pad, and medial arch support that is made to replace the shoe's current removable liner.

Orange ¾:

Best for athletic shoes and boots that do not have a removable liner. Orange Insoles 3/4 Length has the same support as the Full Length, but provides versatility in your footwear options.  It provides cushion from heel to arch while providing maximum support.  

It also features our signature metatarsal pad which is designed to evenly distribute your weight across your forefoot and relieve pain points.

Orange Light:
Best for slim spaced shoe beds like cowboy boots, high heels, athletic cleats, golf shoes, boat shoes, and mary janes. Our slimmest, lightest design, Orange Light provides essential support for both your metatarsal and medial arch.  This insert is designed to fit into a shoe with limited space where an Orange full length would not be suitable.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving 

When we improve our posture and alignment, we feel better, longer. It’s not easy to improve our alignment but adding an insole to our everyday shoes is one small step we can take toward better alignment. The firm, plastic base with cushioning foam, helps keep our feet in place as we go about our day, rather than letting them bend or shift or arch in ways that are detrimental to the rest of our body.

Using an insole can both help treat and prevent issues like:

They can also help ease pain from other conditions such as high arches and flat feet. 

Insoles Have You Covered 

Need a gift in time for Christmas? Order by Friday, 12/15 🙂

Not sure the insole you order will be the right fit? That’s ok! Our 60-Day guarantee means you can exchange any insole that doesn’t work for you for one that will suit your needs. 

So don’t spend your time worrying this holiday season. Get the gift that keeps on giving to ALL the people in your life!

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