15 Signs Your Loved One May Need an Insole This Valentine's Day

15 Signs Your Loved One May Need an Insole This Valentine's Day

Ah Valentines, the best time of year to remind your significant other just how special they are. But before you go out and buy flowers that wilt or chocolates that will disappear in a snap,consider the trend of practical gifts that say “I love you and I want to make sure you are experiencing comfort and happiness every day.” 

All relationships are built on a strong foundation so if any of the below sound familiar, an insole might be the key to your partner’s heart (and supporting their feet!) this year. 

  • The Ballet of Discomfort
  • Does your partner perform a delicate dance of discomfort every time they slip off their shoes? If they’re tiptoeing around their feet then an insole might be what is needed to appease your dancer. 

  • Sneaker Sweetheart
  • Is your loved one a sneaker aficionado? Sneakerheads will likely have a strong attachment to their shoes. Even as those shoes lose their padding, they are just not willing to part with them. Perhaps a pair of insoles can extend their enjoyment with their favorite pair while providing good arch support?

  • Moan Marathon
  • And I’m not talking about a moan of delight from a good massage, but a painful one that involuntarily comes out after a simple day of walking in uncomfortable shoes. It’s not the shoes, it’s what they lack: support that can only be provided by the right pair of insoles. .

  • The Mysterious Vanishing Arch
  • Flat feet can lead to discomfort and if somehow your partner no longer has that beautiful foot arch then it’s time for a good insole to give that much needed assistance. 

  • High-heeled Hero/Heroine
  • Heels aren’t just for women, men wear them too (just maybe not as high as women’s). The high-heeled lover who can’t bear to part with the increased altitude can enjoy the insole as a secret weapon in dealing with heels. 

  • The Athlete’s Anthem
  • Does your partner practically live in a gym/fitness club? Does it break your heart when they complain  about pain in their feet after a good workout? Sports insoles can help improve their performance and reduce pain. 

  • The Wanderlust Walker
  • “It’s not that far, we can walk!!” That’s what they said an hour ago and you're still walking. If their idea of romance is a nice long walk, make sure you’re prepared.? So it won’t be a regretful experience after, insoles for everyone! (specially you, if you’re not used to walking long distances)

  • The Office Marathoner
  • Workaholic folks tend to forget how many hours they’re clocking and are always on the go. Sometimes the only thing that gets them to stop is when their feet are in pain. Not that we’re telling you to make your partner work longer hours but you definitely want something that stops that pain from happening: insoles. 

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  • Yesterday Once More
  • Does your partner often reminisce about the days when they could do certain things like run a marathon or dance the foxtrot (do people still do the foxtrot?) Insoles might be just the ticket to reliving those good old days and avoiding foot pain or injury.

  •  The Slipper Seeker
  • Is your partner someone who ALWAYS looks for the comfort of slippers and treats shoes like demonic beings out to get their feet? Maybe all they need is a pair of insoles to tame those demons into loving shoes that care for their feet instead of killing them. 

    How to choose insoles for my partner without them knowing I’m buying insoles?

    If you want your Valentine to be a surprise but also need to make sure it fits your sweetie’s lifestyle and shoes, it’s time to get observant and creative. Throughout the day, sneak a peek at their walking style, grab a shoe from the closet and glance at their shoe size, and don’t forget to consider what they do all day. All this information combined will help you choose an insole that fits them as well as the two of you fit!. 

    If you need help selecting you might want to use our Insole Finder.

    Last tip:  This is a practical gift so make sure you package it nicely!Unwrapped and it might seem like you picked them at the last minute from the foot care aisle at the grocery store.   But wrapping them up with a sweet message of concern for their health will loudly proclaim “I care about you.” 

    Good luck and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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