Insoles for Working Women

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From work to play and from family activities to hitting the gym, a working woman's day is ever-changing, long, and often murder on the feet. No matter what the profession, women are hard on their bodies as they move from one thing to another and do a little bit of everything in the span of the day.

When you're on your feet all day, you need the right support. Here are a few professions that require a lot of standing and a few ways to alleviate any discomfort your day might cause.

Doctors or Nurses

If you're in the medical field and seeing patients all day, you probably don't get a chance to sit down a lot. Whether you're a nurse constantly checking vitals and delivering meds, or a doctor going from appointment to appointment, your feet get a workout on a daily basis. And if you don't have the right support in your shoes, you're going to feel it everywhere else.

While you're probably not wearing high heels to see patients, even athletic or walking shoes might not give you the right support without the right insole. Our best-selling Orange Full provides a unique combination of support and cushioning and is perfect for shoes with a removable liner. These insoles will help reduce (or eliminate) heel pain, ease strain, and help distribute weight evenly.


Standing at the front of a classroom on linoleum floors can wreak havoc on your posture and feet.

They say teaching is a thankless job, but your feet will thank you if you use the right insoles to support your feet during a long day of delivering knowledge and supporting our youth.

But you want to look cute doing it, right?

Sadly, those cute, casual flats probably aren’t offering you enough support.

In flats, the midsole of the shoe, which provides support, is almost entirely absent. That means very little arch support. To counteract this, try Orange ¾ or Orange Light. Orange ¾ will be better for shoes with a little more space, while Orange Light is our slim, low-profile insole for shoes that don't have liners or a lot of space inside them.

Office Work

Just because you're in an office, doesn't mean you're at a desk at all day. Whether you're running around meeting clients or standing at your desk to try to improve your posture, a professional environment often means high heels.

Unfortunately, high heels can lead to discomfort and even injury to the metatarsal region of the foot, depending on the height of the heel.

While high heels can be tricky when it comes to the right support and gait, you don't have to give up you're favorite shoe just because it doesn't love you as much as you love it. The Orange Light is also great for heels as it can help distribute weight across the foot, alleviating some of the pressure on the forefoot. 

Insoles will help with comfort but if you're running from meeting to meeting, it's a good idea to bring a more comfortable pair of shoes to change into while you're on the move! (By the way, we have a great bundle for you shoe-changers!)

Manual Labor

For the ladies out there on the construction sites, doing the landscaping, building our buildings and rocking the work boots, support is super important to keep you strong enough to carry you through each day. A good pair of work boots can reduce fatigue and the risk of injury when on a  dangerous site. A boot with good support can also mitigate the sore foot pain that occurs when standing all day.

Whether you're in manufacturing or stomping through dirt and gravel all day, you need the maximum amount of support. The Orange Full will provide extra support to your work boots, making them much more comfortable and, more importantly, much more stable.

The 24-Hour Gig

For those of you working hard at home as a stay-at-home mom, the types of shoes you wear on a daily basis may vary (if you even get a chance to put any on!). From soccer games to family hikes and the PTA to your morning run/stroller push, each insole we offer is as unique as your day.

Whether it's the Orange Full during your workout, Orange ¾ for your flats, or the Orange Light on the days you get to rock your heels, sometimes you need a little extra support. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered (whatever your shoe!) so you can conquer the world...and look good doing it.

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