Orange Insoles – providing a solution to your foot pain

Orange Insoles – providing a solution to your foot pain

Do you sometimes feel foot pain that prevents you from being productive in your work or even just enjoying life? If so, you are hardly alone. With so many professionals needing to spend a great proportion of the day on their feet, particularly in sectors like sales or construction, it isn’t a surprise that even the most gentle walk can eventually bring the sharp shoots of pain.

It is to help to relieve your troublesome and persistent foot pain and give your feet the support and cushioning that they need that Orange Insoles exists. Our insoles aren’t just about making your feet feel better – they’re also about placing less pressure on your legs, knees and back, allowing you to live a life of freedom from foot pain once more.

There are many conditions that can affect these strategic areas of your body, from heel pain (planter fasciitis) and Achilles’ tendon injuries to bunions, hip pain and iliotibial band syndrome, and Orange Insoles is committed to providing its customers with the wellness education that is so vital to overall health.

 However, for those in need of the immediate resolution of their foot pain, it is understandably Orange Insoles’ actual insoles that will be the greatest focus. It is to ensure the very highest quality, most innovative and best value products that we are continually developing relationships with vendors, employees and manufacturers, and the result is nothing less than an industry-leading insoles range.

The company’s best-selling insole, for example, is the Orange Insoles Full Length, a popular choice for runners, walkers and hikers, as well as those needing to wear industrial footwear. It provides the utmost support and cushion from heel to toe, consisting of a layer of resilient EVA foam and helping to support your metatarsal and medial arch.

The same exceptional standard of support is provided by the Orange Insoles 3/4 Length, a versatile option well-suited to casual, slip-on and athletic footwear. Again, unparalleled metatarsal support is offered via the even distribution of forefoot pressure, with the medial arch support aligning the lower extremity and distributing body weight more evenly across the arch. Natural shock absorption is also provided by a deep heel cup for the stabilisation of the heel.

 Finally, Orange Insoles also offers the Light option, which has been designed to be slimmer and lighter than the firm’s other insoles to maximise its suitability to lower volume footwear, where there is less room to spare. It is the best choice of insole for dress, flats, casual and fashion footwear, and represents another highly effective solution for your foot pain woes – helping you to literally ‘move on’ with your life.

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