Travel Packing List for Feet

Travel Packing List for Feet

Travel Packing List For Your Feet

If you’re planning to escape to warmer weather over the winter, or just ready for some travel and adventure, you’ve probably got a packing checklist all ready to go. Book? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Passport? Check. Support for your feet? Che…huh? 

Yes, it sounds boring but if you want to make sure your vacation is pain-free and filled with adventure rather than sore backs and feet, you want to make sure to pack the right support for the hardest working part of your body…your feet! 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to research what to travel to support your feet, we’ve got you covered. Just read on to find out what to pack on your travels to protect your feet! 

Support for flats and summer shoes

If you’re in vacation mode you’ve probably grabbed all your favorite slip ons or boat shoes to get you to the beach and pool and back. But ourfavorite summer/vacation shoes don’t always support us and can lead to sore backs and feet. So if you want to stay active on your trip, make sure you have the right support. 

The Orange Light is our slimmest, lightest insole but don’t let its small size fool you. This slender but mighty insole provides essential support for your metatarsal and medial arch and it’s designed to fit a shoe with limited space, like a boat shoe, Mary Jane, or cute flat. 

Pro tip: If you’ll be doing a lot of walking, leave the flip flops at home or save them for the beach. These shoes provide little to no support and are terrible for your back and feet. 

Microfiber for sweaty feet

Sweaty feet aren’t just annoying (and smelly) but if you’re out and about, they can cause blisters and slow you down.All of our insoles are made from microfiber that helps protect the foam and helps you control the moisture that comes from sweaty, summer feet. 

Flexible Foam

No matter the shoe or insole, you want to be supported and comfortable. All of our insoles are made with EVA Foam which creates contour and support and helps distribute your weight evenly, keeping your feet feeling great. This layer is over the resilient base layer that provides the foundation for stability and natural shock absorption-the perfect combination of support and comfort. This foam also is great for extra support when you’re standing on a hard surface for long periods of time–so you’re ready for those long amusement park lines! 

Adventure Support

No matter the adventure you want to have on your vacation, Orange has the insole to keep your feet safe and supported. Don’t end the fun early because your feet hurt–pack the right insole for the right activity. 

  • Hiking: Orange Full Length insoles can provide you with the support you need to make sure you’ll be feelinggreat mile after mile. Orange provides medial arch support, a metatarsal pad by the forefoot, and a deep heel cup to support your foot and help reduce fatigue and soreness. 
  • Golf:Orange Light is the perfect insole for your golf shoes. The heel cup will help keep the foot from moving around, the medial arch support prevents overpronation, and a metatarsal pad relieves pressure from the forefoot–all essential for a great golf game!
  • Running: If you’re an avid runner, a vacation won’t stop you from hitting the pavement! Make sure you havean Orange Full in your running shoes to eliminate the misalignment that can cause pain over time. 
  • Heels: Hitting the town on your trip? Don’t let a night out ruin your fun for the rest of your trip.Heels are terrible for your back but if you want to rock them for an evening make sure to add anOrange Light. Adding the medial arch support of an insole in a high heeled shoe can help reduce movement, which aids in maintaining proper balance and alignment.

Vacations should be fun so make sure yours isn’t interrupted with pain or soreness. Pack all the essentials your feet need to carry you from one adventure to the next! 

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