Insoles for Your Summer Shoes

Insoles for Your Summer Shoes

Spring is here, we think. Before long, summer will be arriving…probably. For many, it’s the best time of year. But for some, the shoes that come with warmer weather make them dread the temperature change. Summer shoes tend not to offer a lot of support and can lead to sore backs and feet. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got an insole that can keep your feet happy even during the season of unsupportive shoes.  

The Insole

The Orange Light is our slimmest, lightest insole but don’t let its small size fool you. This slender but mighty insole provides essential support for your metatarsal and medial arch. 

This insole can offer support without taking up a lot of room. It’s made from microfiber that helps protect the foam and helps you control the moisture that comes from sweaty, summer feet. Compressed EVA Foam creates contour and support and helps distribute your weight evenly, keeping your feet feeling great. 

The Shoe

Our Orange Light is perfect for the shoes that make up your summer wardrobe. 

Shoes like:

  • Flats
  • High heels
  • Light walking or running shoes 
  • Light tennis shoes 
  • Close fitting dress shoes 
  • Fun casual 
  • Boat shoes
  • Mary Janes
  • Cleats and Golf spikes
  • Any shoe without a liner

How It Helps

To find out the Orange Light can help your feet feel better while you’re playing, working, and living that summer life, let’s look at its design features. 

Deep Heel Cup: The heel cup stabilizes the feel and provides natural absorption to prevent heel pain.

Metatarsal Pad: This pad supports the metatarsal and event distributes forefoot pressure. 

Medial Arch Support: This feature aligns the lower extremity and distributes body weight more evenly across the arch.

So don’t let foot pain stop you from enjoying your favorite summer activities like boating, walking, golfing, sports, or just being outside. Make sure you have the support you need to enjoy your summer with Orange Light. 

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