Foot Support for Medical Professionals

Foot Support for Medical Professionals

The medical profession is a busy one. It’s not just made up of doctors sitting in offices asking us to rate our pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Those same doctors often work at hospitals where they run room to room throughout a shift. They are supported by a nursing staff who are on their feet all day caring for patients and responding to emergencies. That medical staff is supported by the staff that keeps the hospital clean and stocked and running smoothly! And they’re all on their feet all day!

Since medical professionals work so hard to support us, it’s only fair they get support from their shoes to keep their feet safe while they run around during long shifts. Let’s take a look at the best foot support for medical professionals.

Best Insole for Medical Professionals

Let’s get right to the point; no matter the job, the best insole for someone in the medical field who is on their feet all day is going to come from the Orange Full. Orange Full inserts are built with a deep heel cup, metatarsal pad, and medial arch support that is made to replace the shoe's current removable liner. This insole is going to offer the best support for someone putting a lot of pressure and strain on their feet.

But there are some different factors that might impact the right foot support in these different medical professions.

Best Foot Support for Doctors 

Doctors are busy, but they aren’t always on their feet all day or running through a hospital. Sometimes they are in an office or in meetings where they are wearing dress shoes (or flats). A dress shoe is going to lack support in the form of cushioning or arch support. And while many start with decent arch support, it can wear down over time leading to fallen arch or flat feet, resulting in pain and soreness in the feet.

Doctors who are on their feet in dress shoes without a removable liner should check out the Orange Light Insole. These provide:

  • Support in the metatarsal
  • Support in the medial arch
  • Even weight distribution
  • Moisture wicking fabric (to avoid sweat buidlup and odor)

Best Foot Support for Nurses

Nurses are in constant motion and rather than dress shoes, they are most often wearing tennis shoes or running shoes (because they’re basically running all day!). They need all the support they can get.

Since they are moving so fast or standing but focused on the task in front of them, they may not notice how they are standing or walking so they need a shoe that keeps them in proper alignment.

Many people are naturally inclined to overpronate, (where the foot rolls inward, placing too much weight on the inside of the foot,) or supinate, (where the weight is shifted to the outside of the foot.) Either of these can cause undue stress on the body and those moving around a lot may not even notice they are doing it. These can become more pronounced when tired.

Strong arch support in the medial arch can help prevent this. There are certain running and walking shoes that are stiffer and designed to support the feet but if you already overpronate or supinate, you might need the extra support of an insole. The orange full is best for running shoes, especially if you are in constant motion and on your feet a lot.

The full shoe inserts are built with a deep heel cup, metatarsal pad, and medial arch support that is made to replace the shoe's current removable liner, if possible.

These insoles offer:

  • Deep heel cup for stability
  • Shock absorption
  • Even weight distribution
  • Strong support from heel to toe

Best Foot Support for Hospital Staff 

Cleaning staff might spend a lot of time making the same motion over and over but are on their feet just as much as doctors and nurses. Falling into the same repetitive motions and tasks for hours at a time is a perfect recipe for fatigue so extra support is definitely needed.

Shoes with arch support and weight distribution are a must. Good support can also mitigate the sore foot pain that occurs when standing all day. Pain underneath the mid-section of your foot is a result of constant stress when your feet do not have a proper distribution of the impacting force from repetitive motions.

The most important part here (common remedy) is going to support and cushioning but remember, cushioning might feel good when you stand all day but too much cushion is not great for your feet. For an insole to do its job, it needs to provide support and be a combination of hard and soft structures, like Orange Insoles.

The right insole will depend on the preferred type of shoe but it’s important to make sure a shoe or insole provides:

  • Arch support
  • Weight distribution
  • Shock absorption
  • Cushioning

No matter what you do in the medical field, you deserve support. Avoid foot pain, hip pain, back aches, and injury by making sure your feet have the support needed from your shoe or from an added insole!

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