Behind the Scenes at Orange Insoles: Why Orange?

Behind the Scenes at Orange Insoles: Why Orange?


In our last blog, we let you peek behind the curtain and gave insight into why, out of all things, we decided to get into the insole business. Today, we’re digging a little deeper into that story to answer a question we get asked a lot. 

Why Do You Call Them “Orange Insoles?” 

Well, consumers told us to. 
Co-founder Marsha Keenoy explains.
When we created Orange Insoles, it was from the perspective of a running store. The founder, Tom, owns a running store called Playmakers in East Lansing, Michigan. As he developed the product, and we were deciding on the name, we had a few conversations around how people ask for insoles when they come into the store. 
They don’t ask for them by name.  
Most of the time, they can’t remember the name of the product so they’d say, “I need a replacement for the red one. Or, it was blue. It was green.” They called it by color.  From there, we took a look at experiences we’d had in other industries (like the liquor industry when I worked at Diageo). Even there, it was a similar situation. Liquor names with success aren’t complicated for consumers when they come to the bar, they can quickly say what they want, “Captain & Coke, Crown Royal. T & T (Tanqueray & tonic).   We know you have to make it simple for consumers to remember the name of your product, or they will not call for it at the point of purchase.
Following that reasoning, we went with color. But, which color would work best?
Given that we are a few miles from Michigan State and their colors are green and white, we opted out of that. Playmakers, the running store Tom owns, uses the color red. We started thinking about the color orange. It's vibrant, it’s energetic, it makes you feel like you want to get up and do more
So we went with orange, and Orange Insoles were born. 

Orange Insoles; Feel Better, Do More, Find Joy

Choosing a color name has also been fun from a marketing perspective. In October, we say orange goes pink, and work to bring awareness to breast cancer. Sometimes orange will go red in a different time period and for every insole purchased we will donate to a firefighter. It’s not just a fun color, it’s a fun marketing tool.  
The color orange is also associated with:
  • Joy
  • Warmth
  • Enthusiasm 
  • Fun 
  • Balance
  • And HEALTH
How perfect is that since we’re super enthusiastic about helping you find better health through a balanced body in lots of fun ways!? 
So, if you’re ever looking for a supportive insole that will fit most of your shoes and help you find balance, shift your alignment, and help you feel better so you can do more, just ask for, or Google, the Orange Insole. Or, since you’re already here, just go grab one
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