Behind The Scenes At Orange Insoles: A Founder's Story

Behind The Scenes At Orange Insoles: A Founder's Story

Orange Insoles is more than an's a family and community. We wanted to give you the chance to meet the family behind the community and find out why they're so passionate about what they do!


Hi, I'm Marsha.

I'm one of the co-founders of Orange Insoles. I just want to give you a little background of how I became involved with Orange.

So back when I was 16, I started my first job at McDonald's. I spent all day on my feet, on the hard concrete. I worked my way through college, moving my way through Indiana University, waiting tables, bartending. Once again, consistently on my feet. I went from there to work for General Mills in their Red Lobster division, and as a manager we paced the floor all night long, on our feet.

So, over time, I realized how hard it is in the industry for folks who are out there, who have those jobs where you're on your feet all day. You're on the concrete, you hurt your back, your hips, your feet, your knees, you're just in pain at the end of your shift. After that, I had a long career with Diageo in the liquor industry, and I had the ability to retire from there, and embrace and engage in the Orange business.

My husband Tom, who is the one who developed and created Orange Insoles, and I partnered in this business. I've been a silent partner for the first eight years of the industry, and then I decided to retire from Diageo and come and embed myself into this industry with a product that we truly believe is helping people feel better and do more. 

It's been great to consistently, over the last 12 years, get the most impactful emails and news from folks telling us on how this has changed their lives. Knowing that, we decided that we would put more energy and more time and more people behind this brand and see if we can get it to cross the country, larger than just a Michigan based company, and we have done that and we're very excited to continue doing that in 2021.

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