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Be Proactive to Avoid Shin-Splints and Keep at Bay the Lingering Pain - Insoles for Flat Foot Syndrome

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Shin splints, also referred to as the tibial pain syndrome (medial tibial pain syndrome), is a term for pain in the inner part of the lower leg. Shin splint is a common condition found in many athletes, runners, tennis players, and dancers. Also, it is the most common sports injurie that can develop in everyone from recreational runners to high school soccer, tennis & basketball players.

Most cases of shin-splints occur due to excessive pronation, where pronation refers to the normal movement of the foot, that allows the arch to flatten to a degree, which helps the body to absorb and adapt to different ground surfaces. Flattening of the arch (excessive pronation) places pressure on the arch and can cause some rotation into the lower leg. This repetitive movement during brisk exercises, competitive sporting events - can cause overuse problems from the foot to the back.

Athletes & any sportsperson with the condition will benefit from supportive insoles and keep at bay the unnecessary pain! Insoles for tennis shoes and running shoes provide the maximum comfort due to strategically placed contours that help the medial (inside) to maintain the necessary alignment in order to give support to the lower leg.

Additionally, some insoles include a metatarsal pad that helps to support the forefoot and distribute forefoot pressure more evenly. You can get a strong support & comfortable feel, if the right insole is in your shoes. Don’t believe it? Time to give it a try!

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you experience persistent pain, consult your healthcare provider.

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