Yoga For Injuries

Yoga For Injuries

Yoga has a lot of benefits. It can build strength, build stamina, calm the mind, and even prevent injury. It can also help you heal and recover from specific injuries. 

We’ve compiled some of the best yoga poses and flows to help with any injuries you may sustain while out running, walking, or playing

Yoga For Knee Injuries:

Knee injuries are extremely varied and stretches that work for one person might not work for another but yoga, and particular yoga stretches and poses, can be a gentle way to work on rehabilitation when you’re coming off of a knee injury. 

Here are a few poses and a series that can help your knees start to feel better after an injury. 

Chair Pose:

Chair pose is a while body strengthener and it puts weight back on your hips instead of your knees. 


Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose works your IT band which help your knees because when your IT band is too loose, you’ll have knee pain. 


Here are a series of stretches that can help with an ACL tear in the knee. Remember, don’t do anything that hurts and consult your doctor before you try to treat any injuries on your own.

Yoga for Back Injuries:

If your back is aching, it could be an injury or it could just be that your back isn’t strong enough. Whether you’re recovering from a specific injury or you want to strengthen your lower back to prevent injury and pain in the future, try these poses and sequences. 

Down Dog:

This classic stretch is a TOTAL BODY stretch that targets your back and the muscles that support your spine and help you stand and lift objects.  

Child’s Pose:

If you’ve got back pain or tension, this pose is going to feel really good. Child’s pose helps elongate the back and it’s a great way to relieve stress.  

Lower Back Sequence:

Here’s a sequence that, when practiced regularly, can help ease lower back pain along with many other benefits!

Yoga for Running Injuries

If you’re a runner, there are a number of ways you could injure yourself, especially if you’re not running correctly. Along with practicing proper form and making sure your feet are properly supported, here are some yoga poses that can help prevent injuries when running. 

Low Lunge/Runner’s Lunge

A low lunge provides a great stretch and stretching is key to preventing injury during a run. This lunge stretches your hip flexors and strengthens your hamstring and quads. There’s a reason it’s also called a Runner’s Lunge! 

Reclining Pigeon 

This is another great stretch for your hips. When our hips are tight it can pull at other muscles and force our lower body into shapes it shouldn’t be in. Keeping hips loose can prevent injury when running and during other sports. 

Preventing Injuries

These poses can all help ease the pain injuries and help to prevent them in the future but it’s also important to make sure your body, starting at the feet, is properly supported before you start any activity. This means wearing the right shoes and making sure those shoes have the right support. When needed, add an insole to your shoes to make sure you have the right support in the right places. 

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