Why Should You Buy Running Insoles for Knee Pain?

Running can result in up to 3 times the impact of the runner’s body weight. That is a lot of force. When you combine this force with potential over rotation of the foot (overpronation), inside knee pain can develop. The commonly known name for this ailment is Runner’s Knee (petellofemoral pain syndrome).

Runners with this condition would benefit from more supportive insoles. Orange Insoles have developed running insoles that come with a deep heel cup and strategically placed contours. The deep heel cup locks the heel in place and does not allow the heel to slide. The medial (inside) contour helps to post the arch and maintain the necessary alignment for knees to track properly.

Additional features of Orange Insoles include a metatarsal pad that helps to support the forefoot and distribute forefoot pressure more evenly. The new enhanced foam and rubber mixed cushioning material helps to create a plush, comfortable feel over the strong support.

Orange Insoles have been tested by hundreds of runners with tremendous results. Don’t just take our word for it. Give them a try. If you don’t love them (which you will), you can take advantage of the generous 60 day return policy. Orange Insoles will help you feel better so you can do more miles ... pain free.
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