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Orange Insoles are great for pain relief, but don’t stop at insoles when treating an injury.  Stretching and strengthening can also prove to be beneficial. 
Support + stretching + strengthening = :)


Orange Insoles’ deep heel cup, contoured arch and metatarsal pad provide the support your shoes need to address pain or injury.  Be sure to chose your type of insole based on shoe type and receive the support you need right away.


Injuries can be caused or worsened by tight muscles.  This is why stretching is an important factor when treating an injury.  For example, tight calves can contribute to plantar fasciitis (heel pain), shin splints, achilles tendonitis and more.  Be sure to stretch frequently including after activity.  For specific stretches, check our common injuries under the “Conditions” tab above


Injuries can be caused by muscle weakness or muscular imbalances.  It is important to strengthen your muscles, especially in your feet!  There are simple ways to strengthen your feet such as balancing on one foot, doing towel scrunches, ankle alphabets and more. The following exercises are great general foot strengthening tools. 


Pain and injury can be tough to get over.  Insoles can help treat injuries and reduce pain.                        Stretching and strengthening are also vital in feeling better and doing more!
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