What You Should to Train For a 5K in 2022

What You Should to Train For a 5K in 2022
A new year is upon us and for some, that might mean big fitness goals.  If your goals include a walking or running routine, or even a big goal of running a 5K before the year is up, you may need a little extra help and support. 
From the bottom of your heels to the community around you, we’ve got some things you should think about as you starting training for a 5K or getting ready to run or walk your way through 2022. 

Do You Know How to Run/Walk?

Yes, there are right ways to both run and walk. And if you’re going to be running or walking a 5K, you want to make sure you have proper form to avoid injury or fatigue. 
When it comes to both walking and running you need to pay attention to:
  • Your posture
  • Which part of your foot hits the ground first
  • Your alignment (even when you’re not running!)  
  • What your chin or neck is doing
  • How bent your knees are
  • And more!
It’s a lot to think about and if you’re just getting started, it can feel a little overwhelming (especially if you thought you already knew how to walk!). If you need a little extra help, there are workshops that can teach you proper form when walking or running and even help you identify areas you might need to correct to stay safe. 

Do You Have The Right Shoes?

The way you run and walk will determine the best shoes for you because not everyone is going to need the same kind of shoes. 
So how do you pick the right kind of shoes? Don’t just look at price or fancy bells and whistles. Terms like, “gel support” and “shock absorption” don’t always mean they are the right shoe for YOUR foot (even though both of these things can be helpful to have). 
To determine the type of shoe you need to support you during a 5K, you need to consider or ask yourself the following:
  • The type of foot you have
  • Do you have high or low arches?
  • Do you roll to the outside or inside of your foot? 
  • Where do you put the most pressure on your foot?
All of these things (and more) will determine which shoe will give you the most support. If you’re really serious about training for a 5K, you should talk to an expert about which shoes are right for you. If you’re local to Lansing, Michigan, you can stop into Playmakers and talk to one of our associates. You can also check out this post for more helpful information. 

Do You Have the Right Support?

Even the perfect shoe might need a little extra support to protect your feet, and even an experienced runner might need a little help getting ready for a 5K. Whether you’re already a runner or you’re starting from scratch, here are some ways you can get some extra support when getitng ready for a 5K.
Get Insoles in Your Shoes
If you have a gait that is off or if your roll your feet in or out, you might need more help than a regular shoe can provide. Adding an insole to your running or walking shoes can help correct any alignment issues and help keep your body safe as you work your way to your running (or walking goals). 
Try a 5K App
Whether you’re starting from the beginning or from a more experienced place, a solid plan can help you get where you want to be. It’s better to start small (especially if you’re new!) than just jump into a running routine blindly, and there are apps that can help you do that. 
While Couch to 5K is one of the more popular programs, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you get your body ready to go that extra mile (or 3!). 
Find a Support System
It’s easy to give up on your goals if you’re going it alone…it’s a lot harder when you get a group involved. If you can’t find a group that wants to train with you, just tell some friends about your goals and ask them to keep you accountable. It’s a lot harder answering to other people than just answering to yourself. But, if you can, get a group of people together who all want to run a 5K and take the journey together!
Make sure you have the support you need as you speed into a great 2022!
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