Using Wall Pilates to Relieve Back Pain

Using Wall Pilates to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is a common issue that affects millions of people worldwide. While it’s not always easy to diagnose the cause of back pain until you isolate muscle or joint that is out of whack, there are some overarching issues that can cause back pain. These issues include poor posture, repetitive motions (during sports or other activities), and long periods of inactivity.

While there are many treatments for back pain, such as medication and physical therapy, one of the most effective and accessible ways to relieve back pain no matter the cause is through Pilates.

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core and improving posture, flexibility, and balance. Generally pilates is done on a table or the floor but if these aren’t accessible for you, you can try wall Pilates. Wall Pilates utilizes the stability and support of a wall to perform various exercises.

Tip: If you have severe back pain, you should always consult a doctor before trying to diagnose and treat yourself.

Why Wall Pilates?

Why try wall Pilates for your back pain?

  1. Improves posture: Wall Pilates helps to correct poor posture by strengthening the muscles in the back, neck, and core. This improved posture can help to reduce the stress on the back, reducing the risk of back pain. Poor posture can pull a number of muscles or joints out of alignment and remember, it’s all connected. So improve your posture and you can begin to improve your alignment!
  2. Strengthens the core: The stronger the core, the easier it is to have good posture. The core muscles play a crucial role in supporting the back, and wall Pilates is an effective way to strengthen them. By strengthening the core, you can improve your posture, stability, and balance.
  3. Relieves tension: Wall Pilates can help to relieve tension in the back by stretching and massaging the muscles. This increased blood flow can help to reduce pain and promote healing.

Wall Pilates Poses

Here are three wall Pilates poses to try:

  1. Wall sit: Stand with your back against a wall, and slowly lower yourself into a sitting position, keeping your back flat against the wall. Hold for 30-60 seconds, and then slowly stand back up.
  2. Wall Plank: Place your hands on the wall, and step back so that your body is in a straight line, like a plank. Hold for 30-60 seconds, and then slowly step back towards the wall.
  3. Standing Hamstring Stretch: For this you can use a wall or a chair. Stand facing a wall or chair. Lift your leg out in front of you and either place your foot flat against the wall or resting on the chair. Keep your leg straight, but don’t lock the knee. Lean forward, bending at the waist, until you feel a stretch in the back of your thigh. Hold for 30-60 seconds, and then switch legs.
Wall Pilates is an effective and accessible way to not only relieve back pain but strengthen and stretch the muscles in order to help prevent back pain in the future. By improving posture, strengthening the core, and relieving tension, wall Pilates can help to reduce back pain and promote healing. Give these three poses a try, and see how wall Pilates can help you to manage your back pain so you can feel better and do more!
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