Top Electronics for Getting Fit

Top Electronics for Getting Fit
Electronics impact almost every area of our lives, so why not use them to get fit? There are a ton of  gadgets on the market with highly advanced features to monitor your progress, keep you focused, and guide you on how to best take care of your body. We now live in a world where the knowledge of a personal trainer can fit in the palm of your hand. Though apps like the ones mentioned here are extremely useful, the world of electronics can be a bit more difficult to navigate since it’s not as simple as downloading it on your phone.
Luckily, we’ve compiled a few of the best, most highly-rated electronics to use on your next workout. 

Start with a pair of good headphones 

There’s nothing like listening to your favorite music to motivate you towards your goals. When looking for headphones, there are really only three things to consider: stability, price, and quality of sound. We’ll give you the best recommendations to help you out. 
As far as the best, cheap, wireless choice, we found JLab JBuds Air True Wireless, which are only $28 on Amazon. These tiny, lightweight earbuds allow three customizable sound settings and the strong connectivity you need to focus more on your workout routine. They come with sweat proof ear cushions and “fins” in multiple sizes to keep them snug inside your ear. Though the earbuds themselves have a 4-hour battery life, they come with a charging case to provide you with 10 extra hours of listening before it’s time to get to a power outlet. 
If you’re willing to invest a little more, the TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds are only $35 and provide many of the benefits of Jlab but are also totally waterproof, have a 30-hour charging case, and function with touch sensors- it’s amazing how impressive these devices are considering you don’t have to shell out $100+. 
If you’re more of a music nerd and want to experience the larger range of frequencies over-ear headphones have to offer, TREBLAB Z2 are ideal and comfortable enough to work out in. The noise-canceling design is sure to keep you in the zone. 
If you really want to up your game, you can can grab some Aftershokz headphones for $120.00. These headphones don't even go in your ears.  Bone conduction technology allows for both high-quality sound and situational awareness to deliver a hearing experience like no other.

The Power of Fitness Trackers 

For those who are more into performance stats and general everyday health, the Fitbit Inspire HR and Inspire 2 are the two most affordable Fitbit products to get you started in the world of wrist gadgets. Both of these will track your heart rate, calories burned throughout the day and even offer insight into your sleep patterns. Besides health-related functions, both can receive notifications from your phone, are water-resistant, and have a battery life that can last you days. 
If you’re interested in the newest tech, the Fitbit Versa 2 may be more your speed. Some of its features include: being able to play your Spotify or Pandora from the interface, connecting to Bluetooth headphones (sold separately), checking the weather, and setting alarms. It even provides you with “training guides”, and presents you with exercises to keep you motivated. 
Although they look like a regular pair of running shoes, HOVR Infinite by Under Armour are considered fitness trackers as well. Alongside well-thought, supportive design, these shoes can connect to Under Armour’s Map My Run app to track data from your runs. The app “coaches” you on how to improve your running form to help prevent injury. Pair this with Orange Insoles, and some running form workshops from Playmakers and you’ll be unstoppable!
Or go Pro with the Fēnix® 6S Pro These rugged fēnix multisport GPS watches let you add mapping, music, intelligent pace planning and more to your workouts — so you can take any challenge in stride.

Hands-On Devices

One product that is sure to challenge your cardio endurance is the TANGRAM Smart Jump Rope. This rope can connect to your phone through an app and will push you through tough jumping roping challenges based on your current fitness level. It accurately tracks the amount of time and calories you’ve spent jumping- and will even reward you for it. It’s a fun, easy-to-use device that encourages you to improve at your own pace. 
After those sweaty sessions, you’ll want to recover and relax with this high-tech foam roller that vibrates at 3 different settings. Not only does it feel better than traditional foam rolling, but it can increase range of motion much more than a regular foam roller. 
Another top-notch pain relief product are these muscle stimulators. With the approval of a doctor who believes you’ll benefit from this treatment, these stimulators can provide some intense tension relief for only $36. 

Apps to Help You Reach your Goals 

MyFitnessPal is one of the top fitness apps for a few reasons, the most important being it helps you focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than pushing yourself like a competitive athlete. It’s a great app to get started with nutritious eating and eating in moderation. It’ll even provide you with food recommendations for when you dine out and has a notes space for you to write a food diary.  It’s available for free on Android and Apple phones. 
Map My Fitness also gives you an exceptional experience by connecting you with millions of others who share their life and fitness tips and by teaching you valuable workouts you can learn at home. Not everyone can afford an expensive gym, but this app is free and can be more socially engaging than a gym. The app can be connected to wrist fitness trackers like Fitbit, Google Fit, Android Wear, and more. 
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As usual, you should always consult a doctor to make sure it’s safe to use a device in your routines. Even so, it’s exciting to see the world of tech crossover into the world of fitness- where everyone from casual runners to champion athletes can better understand their own bodies. It’s even more exciting to think of what the future holds! 
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