Tips & Tricks for Easing Foot Pain

Tips & Tricks for Easing Foot Pain

When your feet hurt, the old adage to “take a load off” isn’t always possible in our busy world. We can’t stop what we’re doing to get a foot rub or put our feet up. Instead, we need ways to ease foot pain that work with our busy schedules and hectic lives. 

Now, we are not telling you to never take a break. If you’re injured or hurting you should always give your body the time it takes to heal, but these tips for easing foot pain can be worked into the things we’re already doing...and they’ll feel really good!


We’ve talked about foam rolling which is really great for your muscles, but rolling your feet can help ease pain in the fascia caused by plantar fasciitis or just soreness caused by tight facia. Our feet are full of fascia and since we don’t give a lot of love to our feet, it can get tight and even inflamed. Rolling your feet is a great way to release that fascia. 
Rolling your feet over a tennis ball, or other small ball, or even a foot roller is great not just for the feet but can also be done to release tension in the hamstrings...and it feels really good. So grab any sort of tennis ball-sized ball and place it under the arch of your foot. Gently lean into the ball and just roll it around under the foot. This should feel really good but if you’re really right, it could feel a little uncomfortable at first. Don’t push too hard and if you come across a tender area, spend a little more time there. 
If your feet really hurt, you could try to roll with a frozen item like a golf ball that’s been in the freezer. But if you’re using something frozen be sure to stretch the ligament first! 
We’ve got even more tips on fascia and feet here!

Stretch Your Calves

Everything in our body is connected and pain in our feet may not be caused by something we’re doing (or not doing) to our feet. Tight muscles in your calves may lead to sore feet so make sure you spend some time (especially before and after exercise) stretching your calves. 
Did you know you can also roll your calves? You can either use a foam roller or the same ball you used to roll your feet. Just take a seat or lie down, place the ball under your calf, and relax your weight into it. Then move the ball around focusing on tight areas. 


If all else fails, you probably will have to put your feet up. In fact, you should try the R.I.C.E Method. 
So, yea. Take a little break, be kind to yourself, and give your feet some much-needed rest. 

Yoga for Your Feet

If yoga is already a part of regular routine, good for you! Yoga is a great way to keep the body in alignment and good alignment is key to avoiding aches and pains and injuries. But even the most devoted yogis often overlook to stretch an often achy part of the body, the feet. 
Here are some ways you can work some foot stretches into your yoga routine and help your feet feel better. 
Walk Your Dog: While in Downward Dog, simply alternate bending one knee and pulling the opposite heel to the floor. It’s going to look a lot like you’re walking place. This should feel really good on the calves and when we stretch our calves, we’ll feel the benefits down into the feet. 
Toe Squats: Here, you’ll come into a squat while balancing on your toes. It will look like you’re sitting on your feet because you are. Tuck your toes on the mat, and then ease your bottom back onto your heels, sitting up straight. Be careful, if you’re not used to stretching your feet, this could feel really intense. 
Standing Toe Stretch: Don’t forget those little piggies. Grab a block (or a really thick book). Place your heel on the floor and your toes on the edge of the block. Lean forward, pulling your foot down until you feel a stretch

Wear Insoles

Prevention is a huge part of taking care of foot pain and getting the right support is paramount to prevention. No matter what you’re doing all day or what types of sports or activities you like, if you don’t have the right support in your shoes, your feet are bound to hurt eventually. Even the fanciest shoes can’t always give the right support in the you need to supplement that support.
Using an Orange Insole in your shoe can give you added support no matter what you’re doing and even help you prevent foot pain. 
Pain is a sign something is wrong. Pain in your feet can be a sign you don’t have enough support in your shoes. Browse our options to find the right insole for you and stop foot pain before it stops you. 
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