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The Right Fashion for Spring Activities

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You should never pass up the adventures that springtime offers. With the weather warming up, there’s no need to stick to miss out because you don’t have the right clothes or outfit.. Get into the spirit of the outdoors with the clothes that will let  you look and feel your best AND let you move!
Check out these pieces for any activity you might jump into this spring. 

Running Clothes for Spring

If you decide on running some hiking trails nearby, you’ll want to be ready for unpredictable weather. Summer is predictably hot, while winter is usually much colder in most places. Depending on your location, spring can have the best and worst of both winter and summer, so be prepared for both.
Joggers are a great for running for both men and women. They’re comfy enough to sweat in when it gets hot, but also can keep you warm on a chilly morning. These will also offer better protection during hikes, especially against mosquitoes that can bite through thin leggings. 
These DSG leggings have excellent reviews, are quite affordable and come in a variety of vibrant colors that are just right for springtime. 
A light hoodie like this one has a hood so you can use in a surprise rainfall, but it’s still light enough to be worn in warm weather. 
Ideal running shorts and shirts are made of moisture-wicking fabric; these are made of mostly polyester. Some other examples of fabrics to keep the sweat down are nylon, merino wool, acrylic, modal, micro modal, and rayon. 

Clothes for Hiking and Camping

For those who like to explore the wilderness, there’s a whole new set of clothing challenges to consider. With both hiking and camping, you may be far away from your car or any building nearby, so it’s best to come extra prepared. 
For intense hiking terrain, waterproof leather uppers with plenty of traction and ankle support can be a great investment. 
These are also waterproof and made of leather, but are more lightweight so you won’t tire out as quickly. Pair your favorite hiking footwear with Orange Full insoles and your feet will thank you the next day!
Whether it’s spring or winter, ideally, your knees and legs should be protected for any kind of hike (you don’t want ticks!). These pants are both affordable, waterproof and great for all types of outdoor activities. 

Clothes For Working in the Yard 

Whether you’re trimming overgrown brush or planting this season’s flowers, gardening gloves are a must-have to keep your fingers tidy. Sometimes the best fashion is practical!
Keep your pruning shears, gloves and other gardening accessories in this convenient apron. It’s sure to keep everything organized and get the job done quicker. 
This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of active attire, but kneepads can be real lifesavers. Even if your knees feel totally fine, the damage from pressure on your knees can add up over time. 
If you deal with heavy objects, strong, supportive steel toe boots are the best option to keep your toes protected. 

Clothes For Golfing 

Before making a fashion statement at your local golf course, remember to check in with their dress code guidelines. It varies from location to location. 
This hat is breathable enough to be worn in the spring, can help you handle the sunshine, and deal with any rain that may come your way during a long game. 
Slacks may be a bit too constricting, but a pair of nice shorts can be comfortable and cool. 
While metal spikes are no longer required at many golf courses, many golfers still appreciate some kind of turf grip.
Shirts with collars aren’t usually thought of as active attire, but they’re almost always a requirement in many golf courses. There are many color selections available with this UA polo. 
Women can wear slacks, shorts, or skorts (like one above) to pretty much any golf course, but golf dresses like the one shown below many not adhere to the dress code of some places. Oftentimes, it depends on the length of the dress. It’s cute and comfortable, though! 

Clothes For Cycling 

While cycling can be easier on your joints, it can be a bit tougher on your bottom. This type of active attire will support you through your entire trip. 
These shorts are padded the same way, but work better in hotter weather. It also provides some mild compression to reduce soreness. 
Hands and wrists need protection from the the outdoor terrain, which can cause some strain after a while. Invest in cycling gloves to keep your hands feeling their best. 

Casual Spring Clothes

Whether it’s for a picnic, party, or just going for a stroll, heading over to a local park is a favorite spring activity. Time to show up in the latest fashion trends. 
There’s nothing quite as timeless as a stylish midi dress for casual outings. This Calvin Klein dress comes in a few different pastel colors. 
Ditch the jeans for something a little more fashionable with these Nine West pants. Pair this with your favorite sneakers and a flowy blouse. 
These super popular Mary Janes are versatile and can be worn with almost any bootcut or skinny pant. Not only that, but our Orange Light insoles fit in these kinds of shoes easily to keep your feet comfy no matter what you’re up to.
Whatever your plans are this spring, remember that style, comfort and support can all co-exist! Along with active attire and wardrobe upgrades, remember to take a pair Orange Insoles with you, too. 

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you experience persistent pain, consult your healthcare provider.

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