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Should you invest in an insole for running shoes?

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The many benefits of running are well documented.  Unfortunately, the pounding from running can result in considerable strain to your feet and joints.  The pain and discomfort can last long after your run and may compromise the rest of your day. Extended periods of pain from these injuries may have you considering quitting running altogether.

However, insoles for running shoes may be the answer you have been looking for.  Insoles can be easily added to your current running shoes and are an affordable solution to your problems.  The combination of support and cushioning will minimize soreness in problem areas like the foot, ankle, knee, back, and hip.

One special note for walkers as well, a good foundation shoe combined with a great insole can help reduce pain as well. We recommend Brooks Addiction, Brooks Dyad, and New Balance 8040. These wider based foundations can help walkers when combined with an Orange Insole. For the running community we recommend a few running shoes with Brooks leading off. Brooks (Dyad, Adrenaline, Levitate, Hyperion Tempo, Addiction, Ghost), Saucony (Echelon), New Balance (840), Asics, and the new kid to the block Hocka. All these shoe types can be found at the top 50 running store in the country

There are two general types of insoles; one that cushions and another that supports.  The cushioning insole typically focuses on materials that will absorb shock.  Supportive insoles help to align the lower extremity and reduce torque that creates leg fatigue and injuries.

Cushion or support – what is the best insole for you?  The answer – both!  It is important to find an insole that has a combination of aligning support with a cushioning features.

One company that is a leading provider of insoles for running shoes is Orange Insoles. The firm was established to design and manufacture the very best quality, most innovative and premium products for making people’s lives easier, and its selection of insoles are imperative to this aim. Through the company’s continued close work with manufacturers, employees and vendors, these insoles are continually developed to meet the most pressing needs of today’s runners.

The Orange Insoles Full Length has already built a strong reputation as an insole for running shoes, also finding favor among walkers and wearers of industrial footwear.  The insole provides strong support under the arch and forefoot for alignment and proper weight distribution.  The deep heel cup locks the heel in place enhancing natural shock absorption.  From heel to toe a resilient layer of EVA foam provides cushion and shock absorption.

You do not have to run with pain and injuries.  The perfect combination of support and cushioning makes Orange Insoles Full Length the best insole for runners.

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you experience persistent pain, consult your healthcare provider.

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