Orange Insoles Guide to Athletic Shoes

Orange Insoles Guide to Athletic Shoes
As the fall approaches and sports ramp back up, in schools, leagues, professionally, or just for fun, it’s important to think beyond winning and losing and consider how you can protect your feet while you play!
Whether you’re playing sports, walking across campus for the first time in a long time, or heading back to work to stand all day, there’s an Orange Insole that can help protect your feet and in return your alignment, muscles, and more!
Check out the below guide to find out which insole you need for what sports or activities. 

Hard Ground = Hard on the Feet

Activities that take place on the hard or uneven ground require maximum support. 
These sports include: 
  • Trail running (or cross country)
  • Hiking
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Fencing 
  • Tennis
  • Pickle Ball
With these activities, you’ll want a shoe with more heel/arch support and metatarsal pads with an Orange Full. This insole is thicker than the Light and offers a full layer of resilient premium foam, this layer will take more impact off your joints.  The Orange full length has a deep heel cup to lock your body’s alignment.  Great product to support your activity.
Any shoe with a removable sock liner or insert can be paired with an Orange Full.   These insoles work perfectly with running shoes, cross trainers, and boots (winter activity).

High Impact Sports

High impact sports usually call for some type of cleat.  This type of shoe has little space built into the shoe bed.  For this reason, we have created the Orange Light.  A thin layer of compressed foam with a heel cup and subtle metatarsal pad that can fit into most small-spaced athletic shoes.  This basic insole can provide support while moving with flexibility and speed. These sports include:
  • Track 
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Golf
These tough on your feet activities are best with the Orange Light, which fits snuggly into low volume athletic cleats, hockey skates, and track spikes used in these sports. Cleats don’t offer the same support as running shoes, so adding in a thin Orange Light insole is going to make a world of difference to give your arch support, and lock in your heel with the Orange Light heel cup. Even the most expensive cleats can’t match the quality of a well-made running shoe, since much of the price tag is determined by the material used on the upper portion and the laces- parts that aren’t a factor in foot alignment. 
If you or the kiddos aren’t in these sports, the Orange Light is versatile enough to be used in most closed-toe shoes without removable liners, like boat shoes, heels, or Mary Jane shoes. With large campuses to cross once again, now is the time to remember the proper support for your style! 

For everything in-between…

The Orange ¾ is much like the Orange Full, except it can fit in a wider variety of shoes.  The Orange 3/4 was designed to fit into shoes where the shoe liner (liner covering the stitching in your shoe) can not be removed.  We created a thinner profile full-length version that can fit over the non-removable liner.  The extended EVA Foam does not continue under your toes like the full length, but it still gives you the features and benefits to help with shoes that do not have the removable liner for the full length to fit into.  The 3/4 one is also great if you have a wider foot and need more space in the forefoot area.  This can also work for teachers and workers who need to stand and walk long hours (we’re talking to everyone in the retail, construction, restaurant, and medical fields). They are compact enough to work with shoes with a glue-in liner that can’t be removed. 
These insoles could be your best friend inside both your casual and formal dress shoes so your feet aren’t in pain by the end of the day (perfect for those upcoming dances!)! Remember that both the ¾ and the Full have thermoplastic parts to provide more longevity and durability rather than flexibility and thinner profile- which is Orange Light’s specialty. 
If you’re still unsure about which one to get, start by looking at your shoes. Though everyone’s feet are different, all of our feet deserve to be comfortable and protected from injury while doing the sports and activities we love. Worry about work, sports, and crazy schedules, don’t worry about your feet!
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