New Year, New Workout Routine

New Year, New Workout Routine
With a new year (2022!) now upon us, it’s no surprise to see some new faces at the gym fulfilling their new years resolution. It’s a very common resolution: exercise and lose weight. And there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s also one of the most common ones to be dropped come February. 
If you want to start a routine you’ll stick with, you can’t go too hard too fast. We’ve got some exercises and tips that will help you the year off healthy and hopefully keep going all year. 

Weight Lifting 

If your goal is to build some major muscle, it’s important to start small and work from there. Technique is extremely important to learn early on to target the right muscle groups and avoid long term injuries. 
Some basic exercises to start out with are:
Woo. That may be an intimidating list, but there’s no need to stress. As long as you keep these beginner tips in mind, you’re pretty much good to go:
  • Ask your doctor if you’re unsure about certain exercises 
  • Start with light weight and gradually introduce heavier weights over weeks
  • Start with 10 to 15 reps (lifts) at a time and 1 or 2 sets of each exercise 
  • Get some cardio in beforehand. Jogging, jumping jacks, and jumping rope for a few minutes are all great options.
  • Make sure to static stretch afterwards 
  • If you’re able to get a trainer, hire one! They can teach you the foundations of form to keep you strong 
When it comes to a workout routine with lots of weight and resistance, we recommend the Orange Full. It’s deep heel cup is designed to keep your ankles locked in place while you handle the heavy lifting, while its high quality molding serves to distribute weight on your feet in all the right places. 

Basketball, tennis, soccer, and other competitive sports 

There’s nothing quite like getting your workout in with a team. Physical activity doesn’t have to mean repetitive, tedious days at the gym if that’s not your thing. Many people find that sports are way more engaging and most can be done indoors for when the winter cold hits hard. 
Recreation centers often offer many types of sports just for adults. You might just find something a completely unexpected surprise, like a biking or an indoor rock climbing club. Both are pretty easy to get into and are great ways to get social. Regardless of the sport, a good amount of dynamic stretching beforehand is going to save you some soreness later on. 
For most sports, the Orange Light is your best friend. It’s lightweight enough to fit inside athletic shoes with less room and versatile enough to fit into most other shoes. You’ll be able to move fast without a hard molding, but it’s still supportive with a design for your medial arch. They come with a metatarsal pad for all those times you’ll be on your toes. 

Long Distance Running and Hiking 

Running and hiking shouldn’t be forgotten; they are awesome stress-killers. The consistent movement can get you in a meditative, relaxed state that some just can’t seem to get enough of.
We have a few tips for some of the newbies, though:
  • Fueling your body is everything. Focus on carbs and replenishing electrolytes for long journeys 
  • Dynamic stretch before, static stretch after 
  • Have a positive attitude. Because endurance can only get you so far without your mind to cheer you on.
  • Pace yourself. Do a reasonable, doable amount before moving on to longer, more rigorous trails.
  • Get shoes with durable, flexible outsoles. Some enjoy hiking boots, but they are sometimes not needed and can slow you down. Get an idea of the terrain before determining which pair of shoes to wear. 
If your goal is to get some serious cardio in on a regular basis, you’re gonna want to pack up more than just your running shoes. Heavy duty treading requires heavy duty support for tired feet. This is why we recommend the Orange Full- specially designed for larger shoes like hiking boots and athletic shoes with removable liners. 
No matter what your goals are for the new year, an exercise routine can help keep your body healthy, your mind clear, and help you feel strong to take on the year!
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