Increasing Prevalence of Knee Pain - How Insoles Can Help You Recover

Increasing Prevalence of Knee Pain - How Insoles Can Help You Recover
How Insoles can help you recover nagging knee pain

Globally thousands of individuals are suffering from chronic symptom. Symptoms that last more than 3 months. Moreover, knee pain is a very common condition and frequent problem being the largest joint in body and one that bears most of body weight; because of this, it’s a tough and sometimes problem prone joint. According to a study in USA, the overall prevalence of knee pain in the entire US population is approximately 19% and when analyzed further, almost 18% men over the age of 60 suffer from knee complications and severe pain. The number soars up further, as the highest figure of knee pain was reported cases of elderly personnel from 80 to 90-year old’s, a staggering 24%.

The number is even worse in the case of women, where at least 20% of them at the age of 60 suffer from chronic knee pain, and by the age of 80, at least 30% are the victims to the same. Orange Insoles are a great alternative before investing in orthotics & costly surgical methods. A great resource to provide an economical, and quality health option.

For those active folks who are passionate towards running, jogging or walking to maintain a lively lifestyle try our full-length Orange Insole that works best in those type of shoes. People suffering due to knee pain would not be able to maintain their healthy routine. We highly recommend running insoles for reducing knee pain effectively, and to maximize your capacity to do movement, brisk running and jogging, to keep yourself fit. These insoles are specifically designed for shoes with a removable liner, and offer the utmost support, to all kinds of running shoes.

Explore with quality insoles for improving your performance and maintaining quality lifestyle.
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