How To Stay in Shape in the Winter

How To Stay in Shape in the Winter

For some, the snow is already falling bringing on the Winter Blues. When the temperatures and snow both start to fall, it can be tempting to turn on Netflix (or Disney +!) and go into hibernation mode. For those who started a consistent workout plan in the summer, it can be hard to keep it going in the winter, especially if you're a runner or take advantage of other outdoor activities. 

But it doesn't have to be hard to stay in shape in the winter. You might have to change up your routine just a bit, but here are some fun and unique ways to stay active and stay in shape during the cold, winter months. 

Bring fitness inside

If you're a runner or an outdoor sports fan, just shift your workout indoors. There are a lot of ways to keep moving inside. 

  • Walk laps at the mall
  • Go to the gym
  • Invest in some at-home fitness equipment
  • Walk around your building on your lunch at work
  • Stretch while watching a movie
  • Do yoga

Some of these options might seem costly but indoor fitness doesn't have to cost a lot. It doesn't have to mean a pricey gym membership or expensive equipment. Go small..get a few hand weights. Get a small trampoline. Get a jump rope. Do yoga at home rather than a studio. Don't make excuses like, "it costs too much." Just get up and get moving. 

Embrace winter sports

Yea, it's cold and snowy out there, but if you dress right and stay safe, outdoor winter sports can be a lot of fun. 

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are great cardio workouts and even shoveling snow will raise your heart rate! Done with your house? Move on to your neighbors. They'll be grateful and you'll get a good workout in. Ice skating is also a great workout. Invest in lessons or just hit open skate at your local rink. You can also hike and go backpacking in the winter. 

Snow day for the kids? Go out and play in the snow! Take them sledding...going up and down that hill a few times in all your snow gear will definitely make you sweat!

Have a backup plan

Were you planning to head to the gym but were thwarted by a bad snowstorm? Don't put off your workout. Skipping once leads to skipping twice which leads to...well, you get the idea. 

Have a plan in place just in case nasty winter weather keeps you from leaving the house. Plan to run in place while watching your favorite TV Show. Use some hand weights to do some toning or strength training. Go outside and shovel the snow as it comes down! Do whatever you need to do to stay active, but have a plan in place and whatever you do, don't skip!

Do something small every day

It doesn't take a lot to get moving. Here are a few small ways you can keep moving in the winter without completely changing up your routine. 

  • Take the stairs at work 
  • Park farther from your building and walk(bring your boots to work!)
  • Stand at your desk
  • Do lunges or squats at your desk
  • Keep hand weights at work
  • Embrace your core to use proper posture while sitting

Why is it important?

Staying active can improve your mood. This can be especially important depending on where you live since the winter months can be gray and dreary and bring on seasonal depression for many.

Winters can be hard and long for some, but moving for anywhere from ten to thirty minutes a day can help with weight loss, help your heart health and make you feel better. 

Do don't let the winter get you down, get up and move! 

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