How To Make Your Cowboy Boots Comfortable

How To Make Your Cowboy Boots Comfortable

Several boots have been created over the years for various functions. Cowboy boots particularly were commercially made in the 1800s as an evolution from the boots used for horseback riding. One of the most distinct characteristics is the high heel that prevents the boot from sliding from the stirrups while riding. 

While riding on a horse, there will not be too much pressure on the soles. However, standing on them for longer periods of time is not the most comfortable experience. There are ways that one can work around the stiffness of the cowboy boots so that even frequent wearing will not feel uncomfortable. 

Break It In

It does sound very obvious but it is also the most important step to get those boots working with you without that stiff feeling of a new shoe. Breaking in will allow the boots to adjust to the shape of your feet so that it feels like it fits well for walking or even running. 

Assuming that you have the right size of cowboy boots and you are wearing comfortable socks for them, wear your cowboy boots and get used to the feeling of its fit. Walk with the cowboy boots regularly until it feels like they have adjusted well enough. 

Good Socks to Pair

Never underestimate the value of a good pair of socks that are meant for that cushioning and moisture-absorption. Depending on which moisture-wicking socks you are getting, it can make a difference on whether you will have clean feet or blistered feet at the end of the day. Choose one that is not too thick because cowboy boots can get quite hot throughout the day of use but can offer comfort despite the constriction of the boots.

While thicker socks can keep your feet in place in the cowboy boots during your stride, thinner socks feel better for those who tend to have sweaty feet. Most important feature of your socks is that it should have a length that covers the calves to line the long shaft of the cowboy boots.

If you do wish for an even better stepping experience while wearing them, cowboy boot insoles can also help. 

Insoles For Comfort and Health

The rigidity of boots will call for a good amount of soft lining for your feet to ensure protection. Socks can only do so much for that maximum comfort. Adding an insole that is just right for you will support your soles as well as provide that proper arch to make sure you are not placing your feet and posture under stress.

Not only are you giving your soles that added softness, you also provide relief to the muscles and joints of your feet. It may sound as simple as that but think of how many hours of wearing those boots with all the weight bearing down on your feet. 

A light insole would be your best choice for your cowboy boots because you may not have a lot of space to work with inside. Insoles like the Orange Light are made of compressed EVA foam that still gives that cushion without filling up so much space. It is also lined with a special microfiber that protects the foam from bacteria. The insole's mono steel cup helps keep your foot in place while the medial arch helps distribute the weight throughout your foot. Ultimately the light insole will help with your posture and alignment.

Lastly, make sure the traction of the insole is good so you will not experience sliding whether you are walking, running, or even riding a horse. You want your feet and boots to work together. 

Maintain Your Boots

Sometimes they can get wet or dirty and if you continue using them without proper care; the boots will eventually degrade faster and this will lead to an uncomfortable wearing experience. This includes insoles that you may be using. Boot insoles not only help in comfort but also help in prolonging the lifespan of your boots. 

Most cowboy boots are made from real leather so you will need to follow cleaning procedures that deal with leather. Using a damp towel and brush, clean off the dirt from the surface. If the cowboy boots get a little too wet from the cleaning, give them time to dry off before finishing with leather conditioners. Do not dry under direct sunlight or the material may crack. Apply the conditioner by dabbing with a sponge or a cloth on the surface and evenly spreading it across. If the cowboy boots still look dry, you may add more conditioner until it has that soft and moisturised look.

If you have  your cowboy boots regularly cleaned, you are more than likely not to have blisters or rashes from wearing them.

Remember to fit your cowboy boots well before you go for a ride or a walk so that you know if there is anything wrong to avoid using them for prolonged periods of time in a state of discomfort. Maybe it is a heel that needs fixing or perhaps the insoles need replacing. What is important is you are comfortably wearing it and not just allowing the discomfort to slide by. 

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