Going running? Make sure you choose the right insole for spikes

If you go running off road or are training for competitive athletics events, it should go without saying that you will be assisted considerably by the use of proper running spikes, which provide far superior grip on the running surface than a normal running shoe with a rubber tread sole. With this extra grip, you are able to not only run faster, but also minimize any possibility of serious muscle pull or tear injuries resulting from unexpected slips.

You aren’t merely advised to buy running spikes, with the accompanying insole for spikesalso frequently essential. Nonetheless, even if you do only buy the spikes themselves, you will also have a significant psychological advantage as well as a practical one. Even if the possibility of sliding is only at the back of your mind, that can still be enough to adversely affect your performance – and there are few things more important to sporting success than the most focused mindset.

It is also vital, however, to choose the right type of running spikes for your intended activity. There are spikes specifically designed for short sprint racing, in addition to long distance. Alternatively, you may invest in cross country running spikes that help you to deal with muddy and slippery conditions. Even the spike shapes differ, and include pyramid, needle and Christmas tree – the pyramid spikes, which resemble small cones, being the most common.

The right insole for spikes, however, is also a wise purchase for those wishing to maximize their comfort and lessen the chances of injury. Leading insole specialist Orange Insoles, for example, offers a Full Length insole that provides maximum support, alongside cushion from heel to toe. This insole supports the metatarsal and medial arch under a layer of resilient EVA foam, with its metatarsal support evenly distributing forefoot pressure.

The insole’s medial arch support, meanwhile, aligns the lower extremity in addition to distributing body weight more evenly across the arch. The deep heel cup, meanwhile, ensures the stabilization of the heel in addition to providing natural shock absorption. Such characteristics all help to make the Orange Insole Full Length a truly leading insole for spikes, used by keen runners of all levels of experience and ability.

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