Cowboy Boots And Foot Pain

Cowboy Boots And Foot Pain

Most of our posts tend to be on day-to-day issues of foot health and support. But we also try to address questions our customers ask frequently even if they don’t seem that “every day.” So in this article, we’re going to address questions we hear a lot about cowboy boots. That’s right. You may not find this kind of footwear in the cities of the midwest, but with all of our farm country, it’s no surprise we get asked about them! 

So let’s have a quick look at this crucial element of the wild west and worker wardrobe and see if we can’t find some elements of support in the wild frontier.

Why Do Cowboy Boots Hurt My Feet?

So, let’s start strong and look at one of the most popular questions we get. “Why do cowboy boots hurt my feet?” And what kind of pain can you expect if you wear cowboy boots all day?
Heel pain: Cowboy boots are notorious for causing heel pain. Think about it: if you’re stomping around in a hard sole, you have boosted your chances of causing calluses, corns, and blisters. And since cowboy boots have no real shock absorption, there’s no cushioning the blow.
Forefoot pain: When the heel is raised, it can wreak havoc on your forefoot. Raised heels can place extra pressure on your metatarsals, placing extra weight to the front of your foot, which can cause injury or fatigue to the forefoot.
Toe Pain: Most cowboy boots are tapered, with a pointed toe. It’s a classic, sharp look. It also bunches your toes together, which impacts balance. It can leave you less stable, less supported, and more vulnerable to injury. It can also squeeze your toes and cause pain in those little piggies. 

Do Cowboy Boots Have Arch Support?

But probably one of the biggest reasons cowboy boots can cause pain is because they offer little to no arch support. 
If you’ve read our post on the Anatomy Of A Shoe, you know that support is derived from two basic areas on the shoe.
The base, or outsole, of the shoe is the bottom part, where the rubber, (or in this case, leather,) meets the road. The wider a base, the better the shoe is for balance, which is better for overall support.
Above the outsole is the midsole. In an athletic shoe, this is usually made of foam. It’s the bit that atop the base and below your foot. The higher the contour of the midsole, the more arch support a shoe has.
But what about cowboy boots?
From a base perspective, cowboy boots are usually fairly wide… though they do have a heel which can affect balance. But perhaps the most glaring support issue in cowboy boots is regarding the midsole:
It isn’t there.
Usually, a cowboy boot is made very well. There’s a durable outsole, and quality uppers that protect the foot. But there isn’t usually a midsole between the sole and the foot.
No midsole, no real arch support.

Can You Add Supportive Insoles To Cowboy Boots?

Most of the time this is harder to do than it should be. 
Because of the shape of the cowboy boot, it can be tricky to slide in a traditional insole. Which is why many pain-stricken cowpokes have needed custom orthotics built.
That being said, the Orange Light is a solid option to add support to a pair of cowboy boots.
Because of the Orange Light’s thin profile, it’s easier to position in a narrow boot than your average bulky athletic insole. It may require some positioning with the toe pointed upward to avoid it sliding out of place. (If you plan on leaving the insole in your boots consistently, two-sided tape may keep it from sliding forward.)
The Orange Light is a great candidate for cowboy boots. Not only can it fit within the narrow confines of the boot, but it has the arch support the boot lacks. And with a heel cup and metatarsal pad, it assists in encouraging proper weight distribution.
Boot, scoot, and boogie your way into our inventory and find one in your size now!
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