A Day in the Life of an Orange Insole

A Day in the Life of an Orange Insole
Our days, for the most part, are filled with routine and we know exactly what we need in order to move our way through that routine. A strong cup of coffee in the morning, a healthy breakfast and an espresso pick-me-up in the afternoon. We need a car to get to and from work or a strong internet connection to work from home. 
Those are just some of the things we need to support our daily routines. But what do we need to support our bodies as we walk, sit, move, and run through our days? The answer can be found if you just look down. Yup, down. At your feet. To survive the stress we put on or bodies every day, we need the right support and support starts at our feet…with insoles. 
If you’ve already discovered the difference an insole can make in your every day life, you know what we’re talking about. If not, let’s take a look at some of the ways insoles can support our daily routines based on the different activities we undertake in a single day. 

Rise and Shine: Insoles and Your Morning Workout

Say you start your day with a run or a workout. Go you! You’re already taking steps to feel your best, but are those steps causing you pain?
Avid runners, or those who participate in high impact workouts, often experience soreness in their feet, ankles, knees, backs, or hips. Think about it…when you’re running, your feet are hitting the pavement over and over, absorbing 3 times the impact of your body weight. If you’re not running correctly, this impact could be wreaking havoc on your knees and even throughout your body. 
By slipping a Full Size Orange Insole into your favorite running shoes, you can get the support and shock absorption you need to prevent injuries like Runner’s Knee. Our full length insole has already built a strong reputation as an insole for running shoes, also finding favor among walkers. The insole provides strong support under the arch and forefoot for alignment and proper weight distribution. The deep heel cup locks the heel in place enhancing natural shock absorption and preventing over supination (when your foot rolls too far to the outside) and over pronation (when your foot rolls too far to the inside). The new enhanced foam and rubber mixed cushioning material helps to create a plush, comfortable feel plus strong support. 
So, if you start your day with a workout, make sure you’re supported and start your day pain free. 

The Grind: Insoles and Your Day Job 

Whether you sit all day, stand all day, or do a little bit of both, you can benefit from the support of insole while at work. 
While good support is crucial for those who are on their feet all day, shifting from sitting to standing all day long can also add extra pressure that insoles help to counteract. 
Your shoes will vary based on the type of job you have but chances are, you’ll need either an Orange 3/4 or an Orange Light. 
You might think leaving the heels or fancy dress shoes at home and wearing some casual flats or comfortable slip ons will help your back, knees, and hips from the perils of uncomfortable shoes but sadly, those comfy flats aren’t doing you any more favors than heels or dress shoes. Shoes with great support tend to have a well-defined midsole, with a high contour to really support the arches of the feet. Of course, the midsole is almost entirely absent in most casual flats, which is why you don’t see a lot of flats with arch support. If you naturally overpronate even a little, a shoe with no support is going to allow your foot move where it shouldn’t, pulling on your knee, your hip, and even into your back. Avoid all this pain by getting the right insole. 
The Orange 3/4 are great for the shoes that are roomier and more sensible and therefore the shoes that we think are giving us more support.

Unwind: Insoles for Your Night Out 

It’s time to unwind after a long day. If you’re dressing up and going out to dinner or to get drinks, grab your mask and slip on your high heels or favorite dress shoes and, to keep them from hurting your feet, try an Orange Light. 
They might look nice, but heels wreak havoc on our feet and bodies. They push your feet into unnatural positions, push your toes together, shorten your Achilles tendon and put extra pressure on your forefoot. This could result in back pain, knee pain, and ruin your posture. Sorry ladies…but there is some good news. If you don’t want to give up your heels, you can use an Orange Light to counteract some of this damage. 
Support from an insole can help with weight distribution and alleviate pressure the on the foot. They can help reduce movement in the medial arch and help with balance and alignment. And, they’ll make your heels more comfortable! 
Don’t worry, guys—Orange Light can also help you get more support out of your dress shoes. 

Freedom: Insoles For The Weekend

Once the weekend hits, you might want to hit the trails or throw on some winter boots to go skiing or play in the snow. Boots in general are more supportive than most other shoes but sometimes the built in insoles of these boots are lacking the arch support you need because they’re made of foam and not a more supportive material. 
An insole with great medial arch support, a metatarsal pad by the forefoot, and a cup to support the heel will also encourage proper weight distribution and alignment to help reduce fatigue and soreness while you’re out enjoying the freedom of the weekend. 
If you’re hitting the golf course (if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm!), a shoe that supports could actually help improve your swing! A wider outsole and a contoured midsole with arch support is ideal. Or, slip a 3/4 insole in your favorite golf shoe and swing away!
No matter what you’re doing or where the day takes you, the type of insole you need is going to depend on your shoes, your lifestyle, and your pain points. So make sure you research what insole is best for you and then stock up so your support system can follow you through your day!
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