8 Reasons You Should Drink More Water

8 Reasons You Should Drink More Water

Have you ever complained of some random ailment only to have someone tell you to “drink more water!” You might have laughed, but they’re probably more right than you’d want to admit. 

On average, humans are made of about 60% water! This means that it’s our body’s main fuel and drinking enough of it is essential for your body’s everyday functions. Though sports drinks, energy drinks, and other shakes can be helpful at times, there is really nothing like water to replenish and refresh. Here are 8 reasons drinking more water daily can totally amp up your health and help keep you active.

Water keeps your body cool during exercise 

Drinking enough water during exercise is crucial; dehydration can creep up pretty silently, especially if you’re not used to exercising. Sweating is your body’s main form of cooling itself down, so if there’s not enough fluid to replace it, exercise can leave you feeling depleted and defeated. This can happen especially if your water intake isn’t balanced with your electrolytes. 

Water aids in digestion 

Water helps enzymes in your stomach break down food so you can better absorb nutrients into the small intestine. Water is also a main component of the mucus lining in your stomach; it exists to protect the stomach from the high acidity levels needed for digestion. Finally, staying well-hydrated helps water-soluble fiber do its job of softening your stool in the large intestine. 

Water helps your muscles 

Skeletal muscles are made up of more than 70% water, so you might want to down a glass before your protein shake to get optimal muscle endurance during your workout. It’s also important for the joints that support those muscles- they are cushioned by synovial fluid, which is mostly water, to keep them moving smoothly. 

Water can help you lose weight 

Studies (like  this one) have shown that drinking more water can help with weight loss if you’re overweight. Cold water especially can stimulate thermogenesis which is how your metabolism expends energy to warm it up in the body. Also, dehydration can actually trigger feelings of hunger even if you’re not hungry. So, instead of reaching for an unhealthy snack, try and see if water is really what you need! 

Water keeps your kidneys in good shape 

For the average person, you can tell if you’ve had enough water if your urine is light yellow. Dark urine signifies that you haven’t had enough water to dilute the waste products (like blood urea nitrogen) filtered out by your kidneys. Complications like kidney stones can develop from a buildup of certain chemicals and minerals, while UTIs can develop from a buildup of bacteria in your urethra- you can reduce the risk of both of these conditions by staying hydrated. The kidneys are the main way your body regulates water conservation and excretion, so why not keep them working as efficiently as possible?

Water can cure a headache 

Sometimes, a simple glass of water can ease the nagging pain of a headache. When you dehydrate, the brain literally shrinks and the action of it slightly pulling away from the skull can cause a headache. Though medical experts are certain that high blood pressure can cause a headache, some understand that low blood pressure caused by dehydration can cause one, too. 
In a study with 102 men who experience migraines frequently, they found that 50.7 ounces of water per day resulted in fewer migraine symptoms. 
(If you get headaches a lot a doctor should assess you to see if they could be part of a larger issue)

Water can keep you mentally sharp 

In one study, researchers found that even mild fluid loss (1.6%) affected working memory and increased anxiety and fatigue in men. In the same study, they found that a 1.4% fluid loss in women affected mood and concentration. Keeping a bottle of water by your side at work isn’t such a bad idea after all! 

Water nourishes your skin 

Though there isn’t much research on the effect that increased water consumption has on skin, it’s safe to assume that your skin can benefit from it- it is made up of 30% water. H20 can help keep our skin plump and healthy; to check if you’re in need of water, try a “pinch” test. Pinch your skin in one area and watch to see if your skin flattens out quickly; if it flattens rather slowly, you may need some water in your system. 
Whether you’re a huge fan of water or not, no one can deny its role in the human body. You can always try adding a flavored mix, lemon or cucumber to make it tasty, or opt for a healthier drink with little or no sugar...just stay hydrated! Upping your water consumption throughout the day is definitely a healthy habit worth having. 
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