6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Insoles During Work

6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Insoles During Work

If you are in a professional career that involves walking or standing around several hours in the day, you may have been unaware of an important part of your health: posture and mobility. This is easy to forget because who would have thought that there is a right way to walk and stand considering that you have been doing this all your life. The solution to a healthier posture and better mobility throughout the day could be as simple as the right insoles under your feet. 

Maybe you are a nurse that moves from one patient to another or even a teacher walking around the classroom throughout the whole day. That is a lot of weight pressing down on the ground and not all shoes are designed to give you that right arch for your feet. If we have accessories for better cushioning of seats when sitting down for long periods of time, we should also have a similar provision for our feet when moving around the whole day. 

Here are 6 reasons why insoles can help you have a better working experience:

Arch Support

Even though most shoes may have some sort of arch support in their soles, eventually these get flattened out. You need that arch support to help deal with the impact of the feet on the ground. Insoles are designed to give you that strong arch support to ensure each step is stable and not harmful to your feet in the long run. The last thing you want are fallen arch or flat feet as a result of this chronic stress. 

Pain Relief for Your Feet

When you have that good arch, you will not experience that pain that people experience as a result of constantly running or walking on flat surfaces. If you are wearing flat shoes, you will feel that pain underneath the mid-section of your foot. This is a result of constant stress when your feet do not have that proper distribution of the impacting force. The constant stretching out of the feet strains the muscles and ligaments which lead to soreness at the end of the day. Insoles will help distribute the force better. 

Fighting Against Plantar Fasciitis

Inside your feet is a natural arch support that connects from your heel to the toes: the plantar fascia. Its main function is to absorb the shock when you walk or run. However, when this tissue is constantly subjected to great amounts of stress, a painful condition called plantar fasciitis can occur. An inflammation of the plantar fascia brings about this condition and though the pain may come and go, you can prevent it by wearing insoles that help support your foot arch especially if you are on your feet the whole day.

Better Posture, Better Health

It is not always just about your feet when we talk about standing the whole day. How you stand and position yourself can affect the rest of your body such as your hip, lower back, and knees. When your feet get uncomfortable your body tends to shift and compensate which ends up affecting the other parts of your body that help you stay standing. That is why if you wear closed shoes with elevated heels but lacking in arch support, you will notice your lower back hurting after a day of standing around in it. You would often find relief in sitting down on a couch with your feet raised up as the weight is now shifted away from the muscles and joints needed for your posture

The insoles support the arch, the heel, and the toes so that you will have no need to compensate and you are able to maintain that good posture with proper use of all the muscles in your body to hold you up properly.

Better Endurance

It is true that with age comes limitations in what you can do in a day. However, it becomes concerning if your frequent breaks to relieve the pain from your feet, is affecting your work. Wearing the right insole to give that cushion and support can significantly feel better especially if you have been using those shoes with soles that have barely any softness left in them. This is especially common in dress shoes that have been worn for quite awhile. The sole cushion is all flattened out and a good insole will bring back that much needed arch support while also providing moisture-absorption. You will not have to worry about sweaty feet after all.

Affordable solution

Blisters, bunions, heel pain, lower back pain and sore feet often get you going to a therapist or a professional to help with your discomforts. Medical treatment is not cheap. They say that prevention is better than a cure itself so you will want to take care of your feet and posture so that chronic problems will not manifest. Save yourself a trip to the chiropractor and find an insole that is fit for your kind of shoe. This will also mean you do not need to buy a new shoe just for work because insoles will easily slip-into your existing shoes

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