5 Fashion Fitness Trends: For the Work From Home World

5 Fashion Fitness Trends: For the Work From Home World
Fitness fashion has changed a lot over the years (remember those g-string leotards from the ‘80s) but since the world shifted into work/workout/live/hangout from home mode, the industry is seeing another shift. 
For many, the gym is now at home. Work is also at home. Comfort has taken priority over business wear and the lines between our work wear, every day wear, and workout wear are getting a little blurry. So, the fitness fashion industry stepped up. 
Let’s take a look at some of the latest fitness fashion trends geared toward those looking for comfort, practicality, and clothes that look good over Zoom and move easily to the yoga mat. 

Smart Clothing

No, your gym shorts won’t come with Siri but as people work out more, there is an increased demand for clothes with smart “technology” like moisture-wicking fabrics and shirts that don’t lose their shape. 
As people work out more, they’re demanding more from their workout clothes both in versatility and in practicality. They want clothes that are comfy but also minimize sweat and moisture. The activewear products using fabrics described as “breathable” also grew 85%.
But also, there may be an introduction of clothes that can track health indicators…so maybe you’ll get Siri in your gym clothes?

Longline Sports Bras

Just like the line between athletic wear and work wear has started to blur over the last year, the line between sports bras and crop tops has as well. Longline sports bras are not only supportive, they also can also pass as shirts. Just slip on a jacket, a zip up or even a suit jacket over it and you can move right from a Zoom meeting to an online fitness class. 
It’s also one less clothing item to buy since, when paired with our next item, you’re basically covered without an addition shirt! 

Super High-Waisted Leggings

Mom jeans are back and they’ve taken over the world of athletic wear. 
The high waist of those comfy pants are back on trend both in jeans and in the fitness industry. have made a reappearance and are also showing up in athletic gear. High waisted leggings. These leggings are not only great for anyone self-concious about their midsection, but are also great for your posture.  
High rise leggings provide extra support for your abs and back. When made with the right fabric, the extra support around your waist can help with posture when exercising and any other time you might want to wear them…like to that board meeting where you’ll need all the extra support you can get.  

Dressy Active Wear

If people want to wear their workout clothes to work, why not make more clothes that could pass as dressy if your boss calls an emergency Zoom meeting? 
More and more active wear manufacturers are are adding details to their clothing that give that little extra something so you can wear them to work, out to dinner, or when running. You can expect to see details like: ruffles and contrasting trim, sweetheart necklines, lace, and more and more unique silhouettes. 

Sustainable Fabrics

Ever wondered if you could make leggings out of water bottles? Turns out you can and companies are because there has been a demand for more sustainable clothing. In the past year, athletic apparel arrivals described as “recycled” were up 642% for men and 388% for women
People are done with clothes you wear for a bit then toss into a landfill and companies are recognizing that. Recycled yarns, upcycled and deadstock fabrics, and natural dyes will become more the norm than the exception in fitness fashion over the next few years. 
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