3 Ways to Support Your Mom

3 Ways to Support Your Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s important to know there are a lot of ways to support your mom all throughout the year, not just on a certain day. Showing mom you care doesn’t need to involve gifts or big gestures (though, gifts are definitely ok!). 

Check out all the ways you can support your mom this Mother’s Day without getting her gifts (ok, there’s one gift but it won’t die or melt so it’s a good one). 

Ask Her Questions

Moms give a lot to everyone else. They ask how you are, how your family is, if you need anything, how you’re feeling…the list goes on. And if you ask, she’ll get you something. Moms are pretty great but they have needs to. This Mother’s Day ask your mom how she’s doing! Ask her if she needs anything. But here’s the kicker…mean it. Don’t just throw out a half-hearted, whatcha want for Mother’s Day and then just get her flowers and chocolates…really talk to her. 

Ask her how she feels, what she needs, and if she’s ok. Ask if you can do anything for her. Ask what would make her feel appreciated and supported. Maybe that’s brunch, but maybe it’s just a few hours by herself or a night off or someone to talk to. 

Flowers and candy are great, but something that shows you see her, you’re listening, and that you care, is even better. 

Tell Her You Appreciate Her (Every Day)

Yes, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show your mom how much you care, but big gestures on that day might seem a little empty if you’re quiet about your feelings the rest of the year. 

Instead of giving her gifts to say thank you, just say thank you. When she makes your favorite dinner, tell her you appreciate it. Tell her thanks when she gives you a ride and hug her when you say goodbye. Tell her you see all the small things she does for the people around her and tell her it’s appreciated. These small but powerful words will stick with her longer than those flowers (though, flowers are always appreciated!). 

Do Things With Her

When she asks if you want to join her for a walk or go to the store with her, say yes. It might not be something you enjoy but she will be grateful for the company and it will give you some time to work on the first item on the list (ask her questions!). 

Doing something with mom can be as simple as running errands or even working out, but it will introduce the opportunity to make connections you may have missed before. Even better, invite her to do things with you! Showing Mom you enjoy having her in her life will mean a lot, even if it’s just once in a while. She’ll enjoy the chance to learn more about what you enjoy doing! 

Disclaimer: Sometimes mom does want to be alone so make sure extra company is welcome before you tag along! 

The Gift of Support

To continue supporting your mom even after brunch has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, get her the gift of support. Moms work hard and at the end of the day, their backs and feet might hurt after doing all they do.

While moms are generally pretty tough, adding an insole to their shoes can help save them from the aches and pains of doing it all (oh, and helping them out so they don’t have to do it all!). 

For those working, playing, and running moms, the types of shoes they wear on a daily basis may vary (if they even get a chance to put any on!). From soccer games to the office, and the PTA to the morning run/stroller push or afternoon meeting, each insole we offer is as unique as their day.

Whether it's the Orange Full during a workout, Orange ¾ for flats, or the Orange Light on the days they rock heels, Orange Insoles want to support mom as much as you do. 

Disclaimer: This is a gift they need which, while nice, is not the point of Mother’s Day.  Get them an insole to show your support but don’t forget to be sweet, be kind, and treat them to something special! 

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