16 Ways To Get Moving: Tips For Staying Healthy And Active

16 Ways To Get Moving: Tips For Staying Healthy And Active

Everybody wants to get moving. To be at least a little bit healthier. But in today’s hectic world, we’re often too busy to spend a lot of time at the gym. Or maybe we’re trapped behind a desk, or have too much to organize around the house to follow a rigid training regimen.

But luckily there are a few little ways that we can be healthy and active that don’t require a ton of time or preparation. Just making a few little changes can go a long way in improving your overall health.

Let’s have a look at 16 ways that you can get moving and feel great:

Get Moving Tip #1- Count Your Steps

We’ll start with this obvious one first: count those steps! Step-counting runs rampant in today’s fitness scene, and there are plenty of devices and apps that can help you keep track of your activity, and to set and attain step goals.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars in a Fitbit or smart watch to keep your steps in line. There are plenty of free apps you can download to keep track through your phone.

Do you not carry a smartphone with you? No problem. Pedometers are cheap, readily available online or in stores, and can serve the exact same purpose.

So no excuses! Set those goals and get to stepping. Even increasing your goals by 500 steps a day is a great way to get started with a more healthy & active lifestyle.

Get Moving Tip #2- Try Walking Meetings

Who likes meetings? Well, nobody. Nobody likes meetings. They’re necessary, but sitting at a table for an hour listening to people say what could have probably been sent in an email can feel tedious at best.

Why not make the most of the time and try meetings on the go? By taking walking meetings, you can use the time productively to get through office issues, while at the same time helping everyone be just a little more healthy and active.

Plus, an active body helps keep the brain more active and less prone to sleepiness, so your meetings might actually get more productive!

Get Moving Tip #3- Don’t Park Too Close

Do you find yourself driving up and down the lines of parked cars at the mall, looking for the closest possible spot? Keeping your eyes peeled like a hawk for those reverse lights to try and swoop in and grab some choice parking real estate before anyone else snags it? (It’s okay, we’ve all done it.)

Next time, skip the parking spot search and park toward the back of the parking lot. You’ll save the time you spend driving up and down the lines of cars, and you’ll get a great walk in. Your body will thank you.

Plus, less risk of door dings!

Get Moving Tip #4- Take The Stairs

If you’ve paid money for a gym membership to use the stairmaster, here’s great news: most buildings can offer the same great workout absolutely free!

Don’t wait for the elevator when you can make your body happy and get in a great workout by taking the stairs. Plus, you won’t have to make awkward small talk or deal with any deep-seated issues with claustrophobia.

Get Moving Tip #5- Walk A Dog

If you’ve ever used the ‘W’ word around one of our four-legged friends, you’ll usually see that perked up ears and wagging tails abound. If it’s one thing our doggo friends love, it’s the opportunity to get out there into the world and smell some interesting stuff.

Have a dog? Take it on long, regular walks to keep both of you happy and in-shape.

Don’t have a dog? Borrow one! Many dog owners would love a free dog walking service, and you get a free workout buddy. It’s a win/win.

Get Moving Tip #6- Set A Timer

It’s easy to lose track of time when we’re sitting. Or stuck behind a desk. Or driving around in the car all day. All of a sudden you’re wondering where the time went, and wondering when the last time you actually moved was.

Set a timer to remind you to get up and get moving. The idea here is to get you on your feet every 45 minutes or so. You can set a timer on a Fitbit, smart watch, smartphone, dumb phone, wristwatch, or an egg timer that you stick in your pocket.

Okay, the last one is a little unorthodox, but do whatever works for you. The point is, don’t let the day get away from you without giving yourself the opportunity to take a stretch break or maybe take a lap around the office.

Get Moving Tip #7- Make Small, Attainable Goals

Here’s a big one: if you’re looking to make a serious lifestyle change, keep your goals reasonable and attainable.

Lots of people who are looking to make big changes mistakenly assume they need to make all of those changes at once. And they tend to bite off more than they can chew.

This leads to discouragement. Which leads to giving up. A one-way-ticket back to Couch-Potato-Ville.

So instead of deciding to go from the couch straight to a 3 mile daily run, try setting a goal of a ½ mile jog instead. Take the time to build up your fitness habits from a goal that’s actually attainable on a regular basis. Then work your way up!

When you have success with small, attainable goals, it really goes a long way to help cement your successful lifestyle change for the long term, instead of it being a flash-in-the-pan.

Get Moving Tip #8- Pick An Active Social Activity

Looking to get together with friends? Considering board game night? Going to see a movie? Sitting at your regular table at that one coffee shop?

Instead, pick a social activity that’s active! Go take a hike. Go for a bike ride. Even window shopping on a mall walk can get you out there and moving.

Get Moving Tip #9- Be Active For Charity

There are a ton of ways that you can support your favorite charity. Why not support them with your actions as well as your financial resources?

Volunteer with Habitat For Humanity, or other charities that involve helping people with physical labor. Help work at a can drive or a donation center. You can even sign up to run a 5k for charity!

If being active for your own sake isn’t enough motivation, do it to help others, and put that extra spring in your step.

Get Moving Tip #10- Play With Kids

Do you, your family, or friends have younger kids? Get them outside and play a game!

Not only is this a lot of fun for the kids, (and hey, you’re doing them a favor by giving them a break from screens,) you’ll be getting your exercise in just trying to keep up with their level of energy.

Get Moving Tip #11- Do Something Outdoors

The great outdoors are beckoning! Take in the silent majesty of a winter’s morn, bask in the summer heat, take time to smell the flowers or go look at the foliage.

No matter what time of year you choose to surround yourself with nature’s bounty, it’s hard to take it all in without moving! Go sledding, or swimming, or apple picking! Find a fun seasonal activity that you can enjoy with friends and family, or even on your own!

Get Moving Tip #12- Join An Active Sport Or Club

It’s always easier to get active when you can be active with others!

Find a fun activity that you enjoy and find opportunities to join others. Join a running club, a cycling club, or a softball team. You can even join a country club and play a few holes of golf without a cart!

The important thing is to find an organization or group that encourages each other and keeps you motivated. Choose something where you can’t wait to go to the next event!

Get Moving Tip #13- Dance!

It’s easy to get moving when you’ve got the moves.

Dancing is a fun way to get your body moving! Whether you Lindy hop, square dance, floss, or are single-handedly keeping ‘the robot’ alive, dance like no one is watching. Get your heart rate up while you get down.

Get Moving Tip #14- Plan An Active Vacation

Vacations should be fun and relaxing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a healthy and active vacation!

Pick a vacation where you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get your blood pumping. Whether you choose a hike through the mountains, a long walk on the beach, or to explore a new city, you can get moving while getting your much needed R&R.

Even on a cruise, vacations that are notorious for gaining weight, you can still hit the pool, take advantage of any onboard workout facilities, or go out and get your steps in in the fun ports of call along the way.

Get Moving Tip #15- Motion-Sensor Video Games

You may not have expected to see ‘video games’ on our list of activities to help you get moving. To be fair, we’re not talking about just any old video games… moving just your thumbs doesn’t count.

We’re talking about motion detection video games designed for fitness. While not as popular as they were a couple years ago, you can still use the Wii or the Xbox Kinect to play games like EA Sports Active 2, Just Dance, or Wii Fit Plus to get your body moving while you’re getting your game on.

Look for multiplayer options to make this a fun group fitness activity!

Get Moving Tip #16- Do Some Yard Work, Or Try Gardening

Look, yard work may not be super exciting, but let’s be real: that grass isn’t going to mow itself. Those leaves aren’t going to pile up without your help. So if you’ve got to get out there anyway, why not look at yard work as an opportunity to get your body moving?

Mowing the lawn is a great way to get to your step goal!

Gardening is another great outdoor activity that can help you get moving. Weeding, planting, and tilling soil can give your muscles a bit of a workout, and you can grow something beautiful (or tasty) in the process!

Bonus Tip: Make Sure You Have The Support You Need To Keep Moving!

Regardless of how you choose to get moving, there’s one thing you’ll need to keep an eye on: your alignment.

When you move, ensuring that your feet are in proper alignment can help. Make sure that your foot type doesn’t tend to overpronate, (roll in,) or supinate, (roll out) in your walking gait.

Depending on your gait, and the type of shoe you walk in, you may need extra medial arch support to keep you in alignment. Or maybe a heel cup and a metatarsal pad to help with correct weight distribution.

Look for those supportive elements when choosing a pair of footwear you choose to get active in. If you find yourself wearing shoes that don’t have those support features, grab a pair of insoles that do!

Orange Insoles come in most any style and size, so you can find a pair to fit most any shoe. Check out our inventory today to find one that suits your needs.

So go forth, get moving and good luck!

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